Company / our philosophy

We individually Craft your Software.

As professional software craftsman, you can rely on our ability to generate real value for your business. Agile is not a buzzword, it's our commitment to developer team empowerment and accountability. Agile Scrum methods promote collaboration with you and equip us to take on innovations at any stage without sacrificing the continuous evolution of the project. If a problem arises we fix it quickly. it's that simple.

We believe in the Agile Manifesto Values.

What does Agile mean to you? You get a high quality scalable solution with reduced costs, minimized bugs, and minimized risk. Sphere has perfected offshore Agile team management.

We deliver solutions that scale at a budget that fits.

We've proven our expertise developing high performance applications that scale since 2005. Your team will be dedicated throughout the project. You get flexibility over team size and management; all at a budget that you control

Our Research and Development Centers are staffed with experienced software craftsman that bring years of experience in all facets of development. Our methodologies for hybrid projects utilize onshore business analysts and project managers to create detailed plans aligned with your business strategy. Our talented offshore team converts the plans into a tangible product. This approach gives you the best mix of western business practices with the cost savings of offshore talent.


Sphere team is helping the world’s most respected and innovative companies to develop software products and solutions since 2005