data mining

The Power of Data Mining

Sphere is a leader in automated predictive modeling and data mining. Using a variety of tools, we give companies the business intelligence they need to make informed decisions about their operations that will make the biggest impact on your bottom line.

  • We are the experts in CRM and data mining.
  • We have over 15-years of experience in the E-commerce, retails and finance industries.
  • We served Fortune 500 companies and helped our clients to optimize their marketing and operation so they can maximize their customer lifetime value.
  • We created multi-million dollars value for our clients.
  • We are supported by one of the best IT and database team with MBA of Marketing from University of Chicago and Ph.D.'s from University of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Successful stories

  • We used data mining methods to help our clients to analyze the behaviors of their customers.
  • We build statistical models to predict customer behaviors.
  • We use model scores to select consumers and prioritize marketing campaigns, so our client can maximize the return of marketing dollars.
  • We help our clients to maximize customer lifetime value.

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