Offshore Development

At Sphere Consulting, we boast having the largest, highly sophisticated offshore team of developers in Central and Eastern Europe available in - Kiev, Kharkov, Ukraine, St. Petersburg, Russia, Minsk, Belarus to the US market. Sphere's well-trained development team lends superior offshore resources to value driven US-based projects through a blended staffing model. Our Development Centers (ODC), located in Eastern Europe, are staffed with software craftsmen that bring years of experience to all facets of development. Our methodologies for hybrid projects utilize a blend of onsite project managers in the United States with offshore resources. This approach gives our clients the best mix of western business practices with the value of offshore talent and cost-effectiveness.

Business Analysts Oversee Development

Sphere Consulting offers the most competitive rates for the most sophisticated technological development available in the market. The executive team at Sphere are well trained business analysts. These business analysts work closely with project managers to develop an overall pricing strategy that embeds cost control touch points within the technical tasks of the project. Sphere's software development team then can easily manage all the technical aspects, while being conscious of the client's constraints. This methodology provides a great value by allowing us to offer a more competitive blended rate that can be applied to both small projects and enterprise level systems.

You Decide the Cost

Sphere Consulting is about offering you the best options for the vision of your project and resources. For ultimate project freedom, you choose the developer type and amount of resources invested. We guarantee a quality selection of strong developers and engagement time that resembles your ideal in-house team. You choose resource timing between hourly or monthly contracts, and pay per experience levels (straight programmer, 2-3 years of programming experience, mid-level developer, 3-5 years of programming and business experience, and senior developer, 5+ years of programming and business experience and high level architecture, project management and industry expertise). Our software crafts team or individual work in close collaboration and under your supervision on daily tasks with your designated project manager. In short, you manage the project, we provide the quality in development that you are looking for, and you save on the development costs.

Expertise in Service

Our ODC can provide all types of application and web development services, and offer all engagement models and flexible pricing options. We also provide 24x7 support through the ODC for mission critical applications. Find out more about our expertise. (Hyperlink to expertise page).

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