Sphere Consulting, Inc. provides confidence and peace of mind through high quality and cost friendly IT solutions. We're daily using the latest methodologies, processes and technology solutions to accomplish this. Recognizing that all businesses are "built to succeed", we focus hourly on HOW they accomplish this feat because it's different for everyone. Every company is unique to say the least…including yours.

  • So, keeping this in mind, we approach your engagement with a fresh slate which is absent of any preconceived approach, set products or intended solutions to sell. Our Agile approach is to obtain and utilize a deep understanding of your operations, processes, and systems to develop a customized solution that truly works for you.
  • In other words, we take the time to learn about your business and respective clients before we recommend a solution, typically involving an integrated strategy to afford our clients the results they deserve and expect for their investment. Period. As such, our IT solutions are tailored specifically to meet your requirements and business objectives.

Sphere has years of experience delivering high performance solutions in: