Part 2: Comparison of Tableau vs Power BI vs Qlik API’s

Comparing the APIs: Tableau vs Power BI vs Qlik (If you want to see a brief overview of the Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik - check out Part 1) The actual power of Business Analytics software packages like Tableau Vs Power BI Vs Qlik is unlocked when you integrate your disparate

June 26, 2020

Good Business Systems Decisions Increase Profits with Risk Management Software

Leo Radovsky is the VP Technology, Mergers & Acquisitions at Sphera. Headquartered in Chicago, Sphera is the largest global provider of integrated risk management software and information services with a focus on environmental, health safety and sustainability, operational risk, and product stewardship. M&A has been critical to Sphera’s growth, and Leo has been integral to

February 10, 2020

Goal Setting Is a Strategic Tool for Tech Startups

Mangesh Bhamkar is CTO and co-founder of Jammber, an application that allows independent musicians to better manage their business and get the credit and payment they deserve. Mangesh has fascinating insights as to how to navigate the early days of a tech startup and how to foster a sense of enthusiasm and collaboration across the

February 7, 2020

Business Systems decision dilemma to buy or build business software solution

Making business technology solutions decisions requires determining how to best support an organization’s strategies, people, and processes with the right technology tools at the right time. How should you approach these technology decisions? I had the chance to talk with Mike Sandler the Chief Information Officer at Eligo Energy, LLC. Mike has enjoyed a highly

February 4, 2020

Machine Learning Technology Stack – Decision Making Steps | Sphere Partner

The technology arena is moving incredibly quickly. Therefore, I believe it’s important to bring experts together to discuss, debate, and exchange ideas to help us all navigate the rapidly changing landscape. We organize and sponsor TechDebates.org to accomplish exactly this. Recently, we held a TechDebate in Chicago to discuss the best way to approach machine learning technology

January 22, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Industrial Markets | Sphere Partner

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the landscape of many industries and the industrial markets are no exception. Adam McElhinney, chief of machine learning and AI strategy at Uptake Technologies, brought his years of experience and insights to a TechDebate in Chicago. After the TechDebate, I had the opportunity to talk further with Adam about the

January 20, 2020

Role of CTO in Technology Development Acceleration | Sphere Partner

Originally published on Forbes, January 8, 2020 The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.” - Eric Ries This quote from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, summarizes the incredible challenge and fun of the technology industry. Development speed is the life force of the technology sector, and since development

January 15, 2020

Profitable Tech Business model for software product development

Profitable tech business model - tackling arguably one of the largest challenges tech startups face Nickolay Schwarz is CTO at BenchPrep, an e-learning software platform that provides digital learning solutions to some of the world’s leading education, testing, and training organizations. Nickolay has experience helping a tech startup find its way to a profitable tech

January 13, 2020

Small Business And Tech Startup, Is Your Small Business Really a Start-up?

Andy Pruitt is currently the CTO at OppLoans and has had the experience of founding and cofounding three technologies companies. He recently participated in a Tech debate in Chicago, Illinois, where the panel discussed the challenges of building a tech start-up to scale. Andy and I had the opportunity to discuss the topic in greater

January 9, 2020