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Sphere delivers audio-visual functionality to software training platform company

Sphere was asked by a Tel Aviv company that operates a training platform to incorporate additional audio-visual capabilities into their existing platform. They were seeking a partner for an end-to-end development pipeline that included partnering to design the user interface, develop the system, validation, and go-live, and within the context of integrating to their existing codebase.

Custom AI Solution Improves Inventory Management with for Fortune 500 Glass Fiber Manufacturer

Since 2017, the firm’s US operation faced a significant change to its digital transformation strategy as they were acquired and needed to conform to the Corporate strategy.   They sought out external expertise to advise them on ways to use technology and IoT data to allow production leads to track and adjust the process as needed. They were looking for a proactive real-time approach to utilize their manufacturing and quality data to correct their manufacturing process deficiencies when a problem was detected. To implement this AI-based approach, our data consultant had to identify and analyze all the possible data sources during the manufacturing process and design a centralized data extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) process across the entire manufacturing system nodes. 

Using AI to show ROI on Early Care Programs at Specialty Maintenance company

The company’s management approved a digital transformation strategy and budget to grow their data practice and data analytics for customers’ asset management. The goal was to increase customer retention and grow the preventive care side of the business.  The CFO brought in our data consulting expert to advise them on ways to use data and technology to track and analyze customer’s needs. They wanted to offer a direct way for customers to add services and emergency requests, as well as show the before and after results of the services received. To implement this data-driven approach, the data expert needed to identify and analyze all possible data sources during the servicing process, contract SLA’s and then design a centralized data extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) process across the multiple applications and environments used to track services and orders.

Application development project leads to award nomination

Gett.com is the largest provider of on-demand mobility in Europe — far surpassing Uber — across four countries, 100+ cities, and servicing 7,000 global corporations. Gett.com wanted to expand upon their current B2B services with a new and user-friendly platform, so they turned to Sphere Software to help build One Transport from the ground-up. One Transport is a web ordering and management platform that provides companies across 1,500 cities and 35 countries, access up to 200,000 different vehicles, from black taxis to executive cars.

Full cycle chatbot application using machine learning and NLP framework

Rebel wanted to develop chat bots that would not only assist their internal customer service representatives but also enhance their customer’s experience while lowering costs. However, before Rebel’s chatbot could assist customers, they needed to first enrich its knowledge-base and train the chatbot by utilizing the expertise of their customer service agents.

Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence: B2B Transportation Hub

In an interesting turn of events, the client placed more value on the business assets (the customers and vendor network) than the technology that ran the business. As a result, the scope of this due diligence was maintenance focused – what are the costs to maintain the technology, transition the customers, then decommission the technology over a 12-18 month period?

Continuity of User Experience – Case Study

90Seconds has three key user roles in the platform: Brands – the brands that order a custom video Creators – freelancers who carry out orders for shooting, installation, sound, etc. Producers – Producers are 90 Second employees that liaison between brands and creators. These are production or account managers who make sure that the production process goes in the right direction, so that freelancers have good content, and that the same freelancers meet their deadlines.


GasMob LLC contracted Sphere to create an MVP of iOS-compatible apps for its mobile fueling service. This new startup required separate applications for both customers and attendants, as well as an application for supervisors and administrators. The system had to be flexible enough to handle an exponential amount of data.