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Sphere delivers audio-visual functionality to software training platform company

Sphere was asked by a Tel Aviv company that operates a training platform to incorporate additional audio-visual capabilities into their existing platform. They were seeking a partner for an end-to-end development pipeline that included partnering to design the user interface, develop the system, validation, and go-live, and within the context of integrating to their existing codebase.

Self-service API booking tool helps Groupon’s partners join 50% faster

Booking is a highly fragmented space that varies by merchant type––making it important for a marketplace like Groupon to ensure that their platform is compatible with leading solutions. Since the booking space has so many different providers that serve the company’s merchant population, Groupon had to do custom builds for each one––resulting in time-consuming and costly integrations. As a result, the company set out to build a self-service API that enables third-party booking and inventory providers to integrate directly with the Groupon platform. 

Sphere Partners spins up fully capable development team in a week

Sphere was approached by a high profile Fintech company that offers a suite of settlement, custody and network services to participants in the digital asset industry. Our client needed a team ready to hit the ground running to flush out and maintain their application stack consisting of several React based client side-web apps, several node.js backend apps, an API service, and several distinct databases, all deployed to AWS.

Social media ecommerce solution generates 15% revenue increase for global client

A Global Women’s Apparel and Accessories Company had a social media presence of 275,000 followers. They weren’t quite sure how to monetize this but knew they were missing an opportunity to do so. They wanted to create an instant, seamless shopping experience for customers through Instagram but needed help doing so.

Isolated AWS SaaS solution for Gett using Go and MongoDB

Gett is available in over 60 cities worldwide including NYC, Moscow, and London. In London, more than half of all black cabs run on Gett. Consumers benefit from pre-booking features without any surge pricing. Corporate clients benefit by reducing costs while ensuring safe, legal, and professional transportation.

Custom web application for growing small business 401k provider

They knew assistance was needed to improve their user experience requiring a new mobile interface adapted to support a variety of devices. This required a mobile-friendly application that would support and enhance credibility with customers, clients, and influencers. They wanted to improve the existing web application with a new look and feel that could scale efficiently on across mobile devices. The challenge for Sphere was to provide an exceptionally immersive experience while driving additional data and analytics, resulting in a higher rate of user engagement.

Self service on-demand reporting platform for global retailer

When a leading global retailer in the health and wellness industry experienced challenges in gathering and accessing information, they needed help creating a single source of truth in order to make better strategic and operational decisions. Internal data was dispersed across various different sources and was only available to a few high-level executives in the company. That made it very difficult for others within the organization to get their questions answered on time, if at all.

Full cycle chatbot application using machine learning and NLP framework

Rebel wanted to develop chat bots that would not only assist their internal customer service representatives but also enhance their customer’s experience while lowering costs. However, before Rebel’s chatbot could assist customers, they needed to first enrich its knowledge-base and train the chatbot by utilizing the expertise of their customer service agents.

Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence – Video on Demand

By conducting extensive primary research on their TAM (total addressable market), we sought to understand the client’s market demand, their ability to maintain the target’s customers, and the viability of the technology. Technical threats and opportunities associated with the acquisition were also examined in detail.