Sphere’s Custom Atlassian Solution for Delta Dental

Since 2014, Delta Dental has been facing a significant digital transformation. The company’s growth necessitated the expansion of their software development and IT teams. Delta Dental required a sophisticated tool for managing all the development projects and initiatives, as well as a top-level collaboration platform for document management. To implement this solution, they first needed assistance with the migration from their legacy bug tracking system. In phase two, the senior management team required additional consulting and training on Agile Development, as well as assistance with finding a collaboration platform for document management.

OneMain Achieves Mobile Test Automation for Popular Personal Loan App

With widespread popularity of mobile personal financial services apps, OneMain Financial had implemented its app, “OneMain” for personal and auto loans. After a period of deployment, OneMain noticed that the mobile app soon became a primary source, and preferred device type of customers looking to quickly and conveniently apply for loans without ever setting foot into a bank.

NetSuite Implementation Streamlines Operations for FinTech Company

FinTech companies are constantly monitored and under pressure to meet compliance standards, to operate globally in multiple currencies as they scale and grow — all while having clear visibility of your financial data. Many of our customers leverage on-premise, home-grown solutions, or use software such as QuickBooks or Excel. However, investing in the right technology is crucial for success. There will always be constant demand to meet regulatory compliance and have the technology adapt in order to scale for growth.

Distributor Achieves Streamlined Operations, Ability to Scale with NetSuite

Distributors have to think about scaling up, strategically expanding their product offering, and increasing their sales, while retaining their customer base to an ever-evolving client-driven market. Along the way, they are faced with the same challenges that many other distributors face: lack of inventory traceability and visibility. With the right inventory management solution in place, distributors can adapt quickly to these challenges regardless of market conditions and swift changes to the business model.

Law Firm Optimizes Operations, Stays Compliant with NetSuite

As mentioned earlier, because law firms accept retainers, this, at times, can pose risks and perplexed manual interventions in current accounting systems. At times, revenue is recognized at a future date, long after you have accepted a retainer. Because these transactions are paid in advance and may be related to future expenses that will occur when legal services are delivered, reconciling everything can be a nightmare.

Professional Services Firm Streamlines Operations, Saves Time with NetSuite

Many Professional Services firms are running on outdated technology, not to add, the lack of integration between on-premise ERP and PSA solutions that comes along with this outdated technology. Resources spend time on workarounds, too many manual inputs and paper-based processes. With such high company growth, Professional services companies search for an ERP system with automated processes, one that can accommodate their need for increase of projects and transactions, but also, a system that supports their current needs and built for scalability.

MKG Recruits Sphere to Optimize System, Enhance Operational Performance

To reach the pharmaceuticals market, the company organizes and promotes medical conferences. They utilize data gathered from this conference (attendees, registrations, activity, etc.) for targeted advertising. To collect data at conferences, MKG utilizes an iPad for attendee check-in, and an iOS app to track attendee movement. Data from both devices migrate to MKG’s internal, custom-built web-based event management system, used to manage and organize all data collected from medical conferences. The web-based system, housing information such as scheduling, billing, registration, sponsors, calendars, third-party vendors, PDF documents for registration and contracts, was also customizable for each conference, complete with a custom registration landing page.

Healthcare Technology Co. Drops Conventional Platform, Scales with Google Cloud Platform

As technologies and consumer needs changed, the healthcare technology company needed to apply new features and an improved user experience to its platform. However, since the platform had overgrown its initial implementation — built on a conventional Ruby on Rails app, this proved implausible. To find a solution, the company sought consultancy from Sphere Software.

Software Division Carve-Out by Private Equity Firm

Given the nature of the transaction (Carve-Out), the seller(parent company) retained all of its business infrastructure including all of the core business applications such as ERP, CRM, PSA, Web, HR, Ecommerce, data warehouse, analytics and intranet. The seller company agreed to provide 6-months of support for the new entity to completely transition and rollout its own set of applications.