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Self-service API booking tool helps Groupon’s partners join 50% faster

Booking is a highly fragmented space that varies by merchant type––making it important for a marketplace like Groupon to ensure that their platform is compatible with leading solutions. Since the booking space has so many different providers that serve the company’s merchant population, Groupon had to do custom builds for each one––resulting in time-consuming and costly integrations. As a result, the company set out to build a self-service API that enables third-party booking and inventory providers to integrate directly with the Groupon platform. 

Custom AI Solution Improves Inventory Management with for Fortune 500 Glass Fiber Manufacturer

Since 2017, the firm’s US operation faced a significant change to its digital transformation strategy as they were acquired and needed to conform to the Corporate strategy.   They sought out external expertise to advise them on ways to use technology and IoT data to allow production leads to track and adjust the process as needed. They were looking for a proactive real-time approach to utilize their manufacturing and quality data to correct their manufacturing process deficiencies when a problem was detected. To implement this AI-based approach, our data consultant had to identify and analyze all the possible data sources during the manufacturing process and design a centralized data extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) process across the entire manufacturing system nodes. 

Using AI to show ROI on Early Care Programs at Specialty Maintenance company

The company’s management approved a digital transformation strategy and budget to grow their data practice and data analytics for customers’ asset management. The goal was to increase customer retention and grow the preventive care side of the business.  The CFO brought in our data consulting expert to advise them on ways to use data and technology to track and analyze customer’s needs. They wanted to offer a direct way for customers to add services and emergency requests, as well as show the before and after results of the services received. To implement this data-driven approach, the data expert needed to identify and analyze all possible data sources during the servicing process, contract SLA’s and then design a centralized data extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) process across the multiple applications and environments used to track services and orders.

Custom web application for growing small business 401k provider

They knew assistance was needed to improve their user experience requiring a new mobile interface adapted to support a variety of devices. This required a mobile-friendly application that would support and enhance credibility with customers, clients, and influencers. They wanted to improve the existing web application with a new look and feel that could scale efficiently on across mobile devices. The challenge for Sphere was to provide an exceptionally immersive experience while driving additional data and analytics, resulting in a higher rate of user engagement.

Application development project leads to award nomination

Gett.com is the largest provider of on-demand mobility in Europe — far surpassing Uber — across four countries, 100+ cities, and servicing 7,000 global corporations. Gett.com wanted to expand upon their current B2B services with a new and user-friendly platform, so they turned to Sphere Software to help build One Transport from the ground-up. One Transport is a web ordering and management platform that provides companies across 1,500 cities and 35 countries, access up to 200,000 different vehicles, from black taxis to executive cars.

Custom data management ETL application for Lands End

Lands’ End was trying to find a more effective way to extract actionable insights from terabytes of customer data. Their massive operational database lacked the functionalities required by their marketing team to produce the analytics needed to reach new customer segments.

Sphere builds prototype ad tech analytics platform for Proclivity Media

Proclivity Media wanted to build a prototype of its advertising technology analytics platform. With an algorithm in mind, they needed a team with the analytics experience necessary to build a scalable front and back-end system that would allow them to establish proof of concept with a custom analytics prototype.

Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence: B2B Transportation Hub

In an interesting turn of events, the client placed more value on the business assets (the customers and vendor network) than the technology that ran the business. As a result, the scope of this due diligence was maintenance focused – what are the costs to maintain the technology, transition the customers, then decommission the technology over a 12-18 month period?

Sphere builds mobile product on accelerated timeline and delivers on time

Sphere was asked to build a mobile application that allows employees to pay for a taxi using a corporate account. The goal was to build a MVP within 3 months that shares 90%+ or more of the code between iOS and Android as well as important structural commonalities between mobile and web versions