Augmenting Team Capacity for Developing FAA-Approved Systems with Reliable Robotics



Reliable Robotics needed a quick team augmentation solution to support a short-term comprehensive verification testing (needed for FAA approval) and document management solution.


Services Utilized

Staff Augmentation



Sphere created a team with both short-term efficiency and long-term value; staying on the project for 1.5 years to launch and continuously support the project.

The Challenge

Reliable Robotics urgently needed to augment their team, secure FAA approval, and implement a document management portal to maintain operational efficiency.

Reliable Robotics faced a multi-faceted problem that required immediate attention:

  • Team Augmentation: They needed a near-term solution to augment their existing team as they were beyond their internal hiring capacity.
  • FAA Approval: The client recently achieved FAA approval but needed to stand up a few systems and undergo verification testing to maintain it.
  • Document Management: A portal was required for effective document management to streamline operations.
  • These challenges were urgent, and failure to address them could jeopardize their FAA approval and operational efficiency.

The Solution

Leveraging a range of web technologies and specialized engineering skills, Sphere developed an integrated portal hosted on a cloud database.

Approach and Architecture

  • Development & Maintenance: Primary development, along with maintenance and bug-fixing, was a key focus.
  • Integrated Portal: Developed a portal that interconnected all their systems, from flight systems to data analysis tools and flight records.
  • Cloud Database: All data was hosted in a centralized control center via a cloud database.
  • Technologies Used: The portal was coded in React, using web technologies and JavaScript frameworks. Engineers with a background in robotics and Redux expertise were also required.

Outcomes and Results

Reliable Robotics and Sphere successfully completed the project, secured FAA approval, and demonstrated the long-term value of their augmented development team, all while maintaining agility in a complex regulatory environment.

  • Project Completion: Successfully completed the project and secured ongoing FAA approval.
  • Rapid Deployment: Deployed US-based resources in a remote capacity within a week.
  • Long-Term Value: Stayed on the project for 1.5 years, proving the value of the developers who co-mingled with the client’s development team.
  • Agility: Despite the project being projected to take over a year due to FAA requirements, the team demonstrated agility in adapting to daily work needs.

By implementing a robust solution that included team augmentation and an integrated portal, the client successfully navigated the challenges of FAA approval and operational efficiency.

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