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Cloud Computing Fosters Innovation within the Highly Regulated Healthcare Industry

  Given the rigorous regulatory demands and the management of highly sensitive data, is the cloud an option for the healthcare industry? Additionally, can cloud computing help facilitate the innovation that is desperately needed within the industry? I had the opportunity to speak with Scott Whyte, chief strategy officer at ClearDATA, to hear

Cloud Computing Considerations, Benefits, and Concerns

  Cloud Computing Considerations, Benefits, and Concerns: Cloud computing is growing rapidly in revenue, sophistication, and capabilities. Some major players are battling it out trying to be the king of the cloud. What does this battle look like? How has the cloud affected companies? What are CTOs’ greatest concerns? After the Battle for

Agile Security and Compliance Prioritizes People Over Process

Some people might question whether security and compliance issues can be managed effectively within an Agile framework. However, Christa Meck, IT manager at Kasasa, believes that the security of sensitive data is fundamental to the Agile way of thinking. On September 17, 2019, in Austin, Texas, a panel of Agile and technology experts will gather

September 11th, 2019|Insights|

DevOps Expedite Innovation—Here’s How

  Can security and compliance work within an Agile framework, or are the tensions simply too great? On September 17, 2019, in Austin, Texas, a TechDebate panel of Agile and technology experts will gather to address this question. Director of Cloud Infrastructure Boyd Hemphill at Contrast Security will be one of our panelists.

September 9th, 2019|Insights|

Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, the IoT—What Does the Future Hold?

Leon Molchanovsky is a partner with Galaxy Innovation, a company that focuses on helping organizations make strategic technology decisions that further their goals and objectives. Leon participated in a Tech Debate in London where the panel discussed opportunities forming from the intersection of the digital and physical realms. Fortunately, I was able to talk with

September 7th, 2019|Insights|

Structuring Technology Teams for Success, Innovation, and Competitive Advantage

  Boris Korenfeld is the vice president of R&D for Gett, an on-demand mobility solutions provider and the global leader in corporate ground travel. He recently participated in a TechDebate in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the panel discussed the merits of various organizational approaches for technology R&D teams. Fortunately, Boris and I had

September 5th, 2019|Events, Insights, TechDebates|

Agile, Security, & Compliance—Exploring the Tensions

  Can security, compliance, innovation, and Agile methodologies coexist? On September 17, 2019, in Austin, Texas, a TechDebate panel of Agile and technology experts will gather to address this question. To get a sneak preview, I had the chance to talk with one of our panelists, Will Simpson, founder and CEO of the

Unleashing Agile Development to Improve Education

  Fernando DeLeon is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Innovare, a software solution seeking to improve the quality of education across the U.S. and Mexico.  During a recent Chicago TechDebate, Fernando talked about his technology product and project management experience in a panel discussion on the application of agile development methodology for

Agile Development Success Lies in Communication and Curiosity

  Peter Caron, Chief Product Officer at UBIX.AI, was one of the participating panelists in our July TechDebate discussing the challenges and merits of agile development. Peter has spent his career in product management, and much of this experience has been working on data science-driven products. I had the opportunity to talk with

The Healthy Dissonance of Agile Development Methodology

  At our July TechDebate in Chicago, the panel discussed the value and challenges of agile development methodology from several different perspectives. After the event, I had the opportunity to have a follow-up conversation with the event’s moderator, David Radzialowski, owner of Third and 10 Product Consulting. Sphere Software hosts a series of