Human Interest is revolutionizing the way small businesses in the US manage 401k plans for their employees. They knew assistance was needed to improve their user experience requiring a new mobile interface adapted to support a variety of devices. This required a mobile-friendly application that would support and enhance credibility with customers, clients, and influencers. They wanted to improve the existing web application with a new look and feel that could scale efficiently on across mobile devices. The challenge for
Sphere was to provide an exceptionally immersive experience while driving additional data and analytics, resulting in a higher rate of user engagement.


Sphere employed React, a declarative, efficient, and flexible, open source javascript library for building user interfaces. In the case of Human Interest, Sphere chose React as it allowed the creation of a fast, simple and scalable frontend for web applications. Using React, Sphere engineers executed the development by segmenting the project into separate components. By employing this approach, Sphere was highly efficient and productive as it allowed reuse of the code. An additional challenge encountered was working with the dated legacy technologies like Baobab and the integration of new React components to the production through provider repository using git submodule. Despite all of the technical complexities and challenges, Sphere successfully resolved all issues and also implemented the new style reports and analytics to go with the new front end.


The Human Interest web application is now well adapted for mobile devices. Their new look application provides a user experience that is modern, seamless, and efficient, with meaningful and actionable custom analytics and reporting. Recently, Human Interest has seen a significant surge in user logins and the number of reports created, generated, and perhaps most importantly, downloaded indicating enhanced user value as compared to the previous capability.

I had become familiar with the quality of Sphere’s work when I worked at Enova Finance, I chose Sphere Software to help improve the User Experience for our mobile and web clients. We are very satisfied and happy to have chosen them as our development partner. During our relationship, Sphere Software made the effort to completely understand our vision and work flows, and found a way to successfully complement our operation. Their engineers communicated well throughout the development cycles and helped us deliver the enhancements on time. They moved our project along quickly and kept us agile enough to be competitive. I would recommend them without hesitation to all looking for a development partner.

Mohan Surya Chitrapu
Product Manager
Human Interest


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