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Customized HealthTech Engineering Solutions

We offer targeted solutions for the healthcare, life science and wellness sectors. Our custom software tackles regulatory, tech, and operational challenges to advance your business. Choose your focus area to learn more.

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Creating software that fundamentally improves the patient experience—including quality of life upgrades for hospitals and secure patient data management

Medical Devices

Medical Devices Software

Connecting and integrating complex medical devices to hospital systems, addressing interoperability issues and enabling remote training software


Data Modeling, Transfer, Security

Comprehensive solutions on data confidentiality by creating full integrity data models and secure data transfer processes for inter-hospital and clinic use.


Product Development, Management, Ownership

Providing comprehensive product engineering solutions to healthcare companies—from establishing a roadmap, securing alignment with industry protocols (HIPAA) and agile development workflows

Core Healthcare Software Services

Discover the advantages of our comprehensive, future-ready health technology solutions. From seamless third-party integrations and regulatory compliance to data-driven decision-making and exceptional user experience, we offer an array of features designed to meet your business needs and enhance your digital health initiatives.

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We offer integrations with third-party partners and vendors, and custom integrations using REST APIs, are a necessity.

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Compliance Regulations

We select a sound tech stack that enables your business to adhere to current and new regulatory compliance mandates.

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Intelligent Data

Make more informed decisions with analytics—ensure all healthcare and patient decisions are supported by 100% accurate data.

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Business Intelligence

Create KPIs and UI widgets to provide critical information to your providers including real-time analytics from varying data lakes and warehouses

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Mobile App Development

Custom script creation including event Scripts, client scripts, scheduled scripts, Map/Reduce, or RESTLets. We’ll select the most appropriate tool for health and fitness apps.

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User and Patient Experience

Improve your UX for patients and healthcare providers alike, allowing both users to interact with your systems effortlessly and seamlessly

Our Healthcare Software Development Partners

Healthcare Software Development Engagement Models

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E2E Product Development

Transform your healthcare software vision into scalable solutions. From concept to completion, we help you develop robust, industry-advancing products.

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Augmented and Turn-Key Teams

Bridge immediate resource gaps by integrating our highly skilled product engineers, who have 10+ years of healthcare technology experience, into your existing teams under your guidance.

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Product Strategy

Accelerate your time-to-value for planned or existing healthtech products. Identify regulation restrictions in advance and create an accelerated roadmap to market.

Client Highlights in Healthcare, Life Sciences and Wellness

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Featured Team Members

Anton Shemerey
Director of Technology

Sundip Gorai
Chief Data Officer, GM of Data, AI & Analytics

Michael Ginsburg
Chief Medical Officer

Igor Meltser
VP of Global Technology Solutions and Services

Katerina Korotkova
Director of Product Strategy

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