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Our data governance capabilities are designed to instill unparalleled trust in your data. We focus on ensuring that your data is accurate, consistent, secure, and compliant—elevating the reliability and integrity of your information assets. We collaborate with executive leaders (CEO’s, CFO’s, CRO’s, CMO’s, CHRO’s) and various stakeholders, from compliance teams to customers, to resolve data governance challenges and enhance data-dependent decision-making.

Core Data Governance Issues We Address

  • Disjointed coordination among data management teams
  • Ambiguity in data handling protocols
  • Unclear data ownership and accountability
  • Inconsistent data practices
  • Compromised data accuracy and reliability
  • Inadequate compliance, data protection, and access control
  • Inefficient data discovery and information retrieval
  • Limited understanding of governance policies and frameworks
  • Limitations in assessing data governance effectiveness
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Our Data Governance Services

Data Governance Implementation

We specialize in developing data governance solutions for industry leaders such as Informatica, IBM Infosphere, Talend, and Collibra. We collaborate with our partners through a structured, cutting-edge approach.


Evaluate existing data processes, policies, and quality.

Strategy Development

Formulate a tailored data governance strategy.

Framework Design

Create a governance framework, roles, and responsibilities.

Implementation Plan

Develop a roadmap for execution and deployment.

Monitoring and Refinement

Continuously assess and refine the governance strategy.

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Our Data Governance Team

Leon Ginsburg
Founder and CEO

Sundip Gorai
Chief Data Officer, GM of Data, AI & Analytics

Boris Korenfeld
Global CTO & General Manager of Tech Practices

Dima Kuchin
Data and AI Consulting Lead

Why Choose Sphere Partners for Your Comprehensive Data Governance Needs?

Choosing us for your data governance solutions offers a multifaceted approach tailored to your specific needs. We collaborate with a range of boutique partner firms that specialize in data governance services, providing you with expert advice on build vs buy decisions, tool advisory, and customized solutions. Our methodology emphasizes data literacy, orientation, and specialized training in data governance.

Staffing Services
We address both your immediate and long-term staffing requirements, offering solutions that include the establishment of Centers of Excellence (COE) with built-in scalability and flexibility.

Data Governance Workshop
In our guided workshops, we assist you in pinpointing key use cases, assessing immediate impacts, and prioritizing initiatives for rapid, effective outcomes.

Outcomes We Enable With Data Governance

  • Better decision-making
  • Better regulatory compliance
  • Increased stakeholder trust
  • Improved data quality
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced data-related costs
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