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Sphere is passionate about building innovative solutions. Understanding your vision, defining strategy, and driving execution is what we do. If you’re looking for offshore software development or team augmentation, our team of experts are ready to build your state-of-the-art solutions on-site or remotely.

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Teams on Demand: Is Staff Augmentation the Right Choice For You?

How to decide between hiring models

Teams on Demand: Is Staff Augmentation the right choice for you?

You’ve probably heard, and seen, that it’s harder than ever to hire good people lately. There are staff shortages everywhere, across every industry, and it’s creating some serious business problems.

You might have heard about different hiring models and wonder what the difference is between them and other types of talent models. If you’ve heard of staff augmentation, or team augmentation and wondered how staff augmentation differs from say, hiring a temp or a consultant, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created an ebook that explains the differences between staff augmentation and other hiring models that will make everything clear, so you can determine how to get the job done.

On Demand Staffing Services

When you need on-demand staffing to build a team or require an IT expert at your business location to get your technology projects done faster, look to Sphere Partners. We are the proven partner to bring the experience you need as problem-solvers or architects to deliver your technology vision. Get started today with remote teams or onsite staff augmentation services.

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Whether you need a person or a team, our experts extend your capacity and capabilities to execute your technology roadmap for as long as you need support. Our offshore IT outsourcing can help bring your company to the next level!

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Onsite Staff Augmentation Services


We provide senior onsite technology experts to work side by side with your team and help lead, coach and/or supplement your tech resources.

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On-Demand Staffing Case Studies

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Build your Team with Offshore IT Outsourcing & On-Demand Staffing with One Click

Our exclusive Expert Finder platform lets you search and build your own top-rated team of on-demand experts to design and deliver your technology vision. Get access to one of the largest networks of engineers, product managers, business analysts, UI/UX, and graphic designers, and request interviews with one click. Don’t hesitate to contact us for offshore IT outsourcing today; our on-demand staffing solutions are second to none.

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What Makes our Teams On-Demand Staffing Best-in-Class?

  • We hire problem-solvers with a deep understanding of engineering, design, and product management to help architect intelligent software solutions
  • They bring diverse skill sets and experience delivering solutions for global companies in all geographies
  • All our team members are seasoned professionals with advanced degrees in computer science motivated to learn innovative technologies and keep their skills sharp

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