Empowering Informed Investment Decisions with Technical Due Diligence

We are a trusted partner for investors, private equity and M&A firms.
Helping you make informed investment decisions through our insights and expert knowledge.

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Empowering Informed Investment Decisions with Technical Due Diligence

We are a trusted partner for investors and M&A firms.
Helping you make informed investment decisions through our insights and expert knowledge.

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Empowering Informed Investment Decisions with Technical Due Diligence

We are a trusted partner for investors and M&A firms.
Helping you make informed investment decisions through our insights and expert knowledge.

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How Does Our Technical Due Diligence Process Work?

2-5 DAYS

Understand Investment Objectives

Identify the assessment's objectives and key parameters.

Establish Assessment Focus Areas

Based on your goals, our team recommends key areas and potential vulnerabilities to analyze during our assessment.

Quote and Assessment Timeline

Receive a quote along with an assessment timeline tailored to match your deadlines.


Discover, Assess,

Our analysis team ramps up on target, conducts a hands-on assessment and delivers an audience-tailored report within a few days to weeks.

Comprehensive Evaluations with Technical Due Diligence

We evaluate your prospect’s tech stack, software architecture, security protocols and technical debt, enabling you to identify and assess risks effectively—within four weeks or less.

Code Review

Evaluate the quality and structure of the code base. Includes analysis of the static code, application review, and auditing any integrations, APIs and 3rd-party vendors.

Process Audit

Examination of internal development processes to assess the team’s capability to continue building products, respond to issues, and function as an asset.

Technical Debt

Identify if compromises had been made in the codebase (scalability, efficiency). Recommend mitigating approaches, such as refactoring or rewriting sections of the code.

Skills Review

Interviews with top members of target firm's technical team to understand proficiency. Group and one-on-one interviews are conducted with leadership and key team members.

IP Review

High-level analysis of the software with an eye toward identification of intellectual property risks and associated vulnerabilities.

Security Testing

Evaluations of existing security from a broad scope identifying any and all possible weaknesses and opportunities for improvements.

Transform Your Due Diligence Approach and Boost Your Investment Confidence

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We partner with M&A firms, private equity, venture capital firms and family offices to provide technology and software assessments within four weeks or less.

5 Critical Steps in a Technical Due Diligence Process

How to protect your acquisition from the wrong technology fit

How Exactly Does Technical Due Diligence Protect Your Business Against a Bad Acquisition?

Is your acquisition software effectively managing workflows, enhancing customer service, fostering loyalty, and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs)? Does your target company handle crucial aspects such as product creation, production control, stock management, marketing, sales, and distribution?

In today’s business landscape, software plays a pivotal role, making it even more vital to prioritize technical due diligence and ensure that your software acquisition aligns with your business goals.

To safeguard your acquisition from a mismatched technology fit, our team of due diligence consulting experts at Sphere collaborates closely with your acquisitions team. We offer an unbiased evaluation of your potential target, working hand in hand to assess the suitability of the software investment.

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Aligning Your Technology Investment Thesis with Technology, Process and People

We take a holistic approach in our technical due diligence assessments, analyzing the three key components of any software and tech acquisition.


Our technical analysis dives deep into the core of a company’s technology stack. We assess the quality of the code, the effectiveness of existing QA practices, and the efficiency of running DevOps processes. Our experts scrutinize the software’s infrastructure, architecture, and integration capabilities to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.


Scalability and maturity of internal processes are crucial for sustainable growth. Our TDD experts meticulously evaluate existing processes, ensuring they can efficiently adapt to increased demand and future expansion. We identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance operational efficiency.


When required, we go beyond the surface level and delve into the talent that drives the software’s value. We evaluate individuals, teams and vendors by assessing their skills, expertise, and compatibility with the software—to inform the alignment of resources with your investment objectives.

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Making BETTER Informed Investment Decisions
Partnering with the Best in Technical Due Diligence

Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

Crucial evaluations of a target company's technological capabilities, infrastructure and intellectual property, enabling informed decision-making and risk mitigation.


Mergers and Acquisitions Firms

Comprehensive assessment of the target's technical infrastructure, systems, and processes, enabling the investor to identify any potential risks, liabilities, or synergistic opportunities that may impact the investment decision.


Technical Due Diligence Case Studies

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At Sphere, We Provide Technical Due Diligence That Delivers

As with any major purchase, it’s important to get a better understanding of what you are buying, before you buy it. This is all the more important for mergers and acquisitions—where proper tech due diligence can mean the difference between a game-changing buy to a nightmare, problem-ridden “lemon” software purchase. 

We provide comprehensive assessments of a target firm’s software development maturity, architecture, and processes, as well as a complete technical debt assessment to ensure complete software due diligence.

And, as investors ourselves, we evaluate hundreds of companies each year. Leveraging this research and experience from our own investments, we provide a unique perspective for companies considering acquisition as a means of growth.

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