Sphere Software is one of the few development firms capable of developing a custom application in Clojure. For companies requiring serious performance out of their software applications, Clojure presents a flexible, stable option built upon comprehensive data and iterative designs.



Approach a new direction through Clojure together.


Clojure supports an iterative and collaborative process.


Accelerating your team’s success with cutting edge technology.

Since its initial release in the mid 90’s, Java became a coding language of choice for enterprise and business applications. If your existing system is written in Java, you have the benefit of integrating Clojure with your existing Java Virtual Machine.

Leveraging the JVM frees up resources by seamlessly populating massive amounts of data from existing libraries, all of which are already fully tested, and synched up with operations. JVM is also compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux so just one set up will integrate with all three.

One of the main benefits of Clojure is that it allows you to quickly build a functional prototype almost immediately. When used in conjunction with Sphere’s Foundations approach, our development team can the first iteration of your prototype up and running on short order.

Our culture and processes are centralized on clear business objectives around an agile development methodology. Stakeholders armed with data are involved and empowered to adjust the product according to changes encountered in the business environment.

Meet Your Clojure Team

Ray Willig
Mr. Ray Willig is one of Sphere Consulting’s lead software architects and a recognized expert in software’s evolution via Clojure.

Ray is a 1989 graduate of the University of South Florida’s College of Engineering with a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science.

In 1992, as an engineer with Digital Matrix Services, Ray was cited by FEMA for service to the residents of Dade County in the wake of Hurricane Andrew. Subsequently, Mr. Willig spent 2 years in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as Geographic Information Systems Consultant to the United Nations Development Program where he guided local engineers in creating a GIS based executive information system.

As a founder of the, one of the Internet’s first online radio stations, Ray was responsible for engineering a content delivery network that served over 500 simultaneous audio/video streams serving over 1 million unique viewers per month.

As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of The Fresh Diet, Ray was responsible for building the technology infrastructure that allowed the company to grow from startup to $30 million in annual revenue in just six years.

Micha Niskin
Micha Niskin is a senior level technologist, focusing on software development, data modeling, and system design. His approach to system architecture has led him to contribute to and lead the development of several application development frameworks, including the Hoplon framework which was used to develop the Proclivity front end prototype. Most recently Micha held the title of Head of Technical Operations for The Fresh Diet, a startup with $30 Million in revenue that was recently acquired by a public company and Director of Software Development for HostelRocket, a startup in the hostel bookings space.

The best way to get an idea of Micha’s qualifications is to view his repositories of open source contributions. Below are several links to github repositories.

Who Is Sphere Software?
We have led, designed and delivered hundreds of custom development projects for clients across dozens of industries.

Sphere’s clients range from enterprises like the Chicago Stock Exchange to industry leading tech startups, We can provide a range of services that include solution architecture, custom software development, project consultation, or full-stack team augmentation services to support our clients’ growth through technology and innovation.

Our clients enjoy working with Sphere as we free up their resources to be more productive and focus on the business. Our teams are quick and responsive, and never hesitate to dive into complex technical challenges and solve real business problems. See how our approach helped customers like YourGuru.

Clojure Customer Case Study

Ruby on Rails Backbone + MySQL Marionette PostgreSQL

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