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Designers and developers of mobile apps that win in the marketplace


Looking for a partner that excels in strategy, design, and development for iPhone and Android apps?  Sphere can help you accelerate your digital journey with leading-edge technology, advice, and talent.


Eliminate staffing bottlenecks and rapidly acquire the deep technical expertise you need to accelerate product launch with access to Sphere’s on-shore experts and a global delivery team.


Mobile technologies have revolutionized the global economy. Sphere Software has been developing custom mobile applications for some of the most successful companies in this new economy. But we’re one of those rare development firms that have expertise in both Mobile and Web Application Development, so we know how to bring the two technologies together into a single seamless platform. Our services provide the added value of a comprehensive approach to custom application development.


Sphere teams specialize in the design and development of mobile apps that meet the growing needs of your growing company. If you are ready to build a mobile application, get in touch. Sphere teams can help you with:

  • Project management (single point of contact)
  • Concepts and strategies
  • UI/UX design
  • Back-end implementation and integration
  • Infrastructure engineering & cloud computing
  • Deployment & maintenance
  • Support & optimization


Users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps, as opposed to the mobile web. With over a decade of experience building apps for start-ups, mid-size companies and Fortune 500 companies, we know how to engage mobile customers where it counts most. 


Mobile field staff needs access to CRM and other platforms. The Sphere team can help you extend ERP or CRM so field staff can get the information they need when they need it, on the devices that are most convenient – in the office or in the field.  We specialize in developing intuitive, user-friendly applications that drive business.


Apps connect the same way web applications do. They can use the same web security as a web application to access services, databases, and information. This way, Domain Focused mobile applications extend your web application in new and personalized ways.


Hybrid apps are website applications disguised in a native wrapper.  Sphere’s hybrid multi-platform apps come together quickly. A single code base for all platforms ensures low-cost maintenance and smooth updates.  Additional leverage is gained by using widely used APIs, like gyroscope, accelerometer, and geolocation.


Sphere is an agile development shop, experienced in producing short-iterations of working software for clients. To develop for the changing mobile landscape, you need a team experienced in short iterations over changing requirements. Sphere’s agile methodology allows us to do just that.


Once client-facing requirements are defined, your team tackles your project and provides you with a strong working, functional prototype. As our partnership continues we provide dev and testing, as well as the release to public/private distributors. 

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Why Sphere?

Sphere’s diverse global skill set allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your needs across strategy, design, and development for mobile and web projects. From staff augmentation to full-project engagements, our goal is to help you launch the best mobile applications possible. In addition, our UI/UX and branding experts can work alongside your team to help you accelerate your product launch.  


Case Study: Develop End-User Portal using Microservices

Case Study: Develop End-User Portal using Microservices

OVERVIEW A financial services company wanted to rapidly develop a transactional portal for storing customer financial data and make the data available to customer service personnel. PROBLEMS / CHALLENGESThe organization had made significant investments in its digital...

Case Study – Custom Prototype and Minimum Viable Product

Case Study – Custom Prototype and Minimum Viable Product

CASE STUDY CHALLENGE Roomations had a great idea for a platform that provided homeowners and do-it-yourself designers with tips and recommendations from experienced interior designers, made possible by the support of large retailers looking for new ways to reach...

Case Study – Custom Analytics Prototype

Case Study – Custom Analytics Prototype

Problem Proclivity Media wanted to build a prototype of its advertising technology analytics platform. With an algorithm in mind, they needed a team with the analytics experience necessary to build a scalable front and back-end system that would allow them to...

Case Study – Chat Bot Development

Case Study – Chat Bot Development

Problem Rebel is an online lending platform that is leading a change in the Brazilian financial system by offering personal loans to customers that are fast and secure with the help of smart contract technology. Rebel wanted to develop chat bots that would not only...

Case Study – UI/UX and Client File Configuration

Case Study – UI/UX and Client File Configuration

Problem BluVector is a Virginia-based company dedicated to developing real-time advanced threat detection of modern malware. Not only did BluVector need help building a structure to store and record client configurations, but they wanted to update the UI / UX design...