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How the IoT Is Transforming Familiar Spaces

Christoph Burgdorfer is the Emerging Technologies Director for Asteria. This spring, Christoph participated in a forum in London, where the panel discussed how the physical and digital worlds are coalescing. Christoph and I were able to explore the...

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Improving the Speed of Manual Testing

Improving the Speed of Manual Testing Manual testing requires a significant amount of time, especially if you’re testing a lengthy list of settings with multiple parameters without any tool. The next time you do that kind of work you’ll definitely want a specialized...

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Hiring Remote Workers the Right Way

Recruitment is hard. You have to deal with people outside of your organization. And these people have different priorities, opinions, and various approaches. They likely use different tools and possess their own work philosophy that might not always gel with your...

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Improving offshore developer performance

Making them Feel at Home –Improve offshore developer performance and make your offshore team feel like part of the team When offshore team engagements don’t work out, it’s typically due to a combination of two basic issues: Process and communication - the local and...

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Examining Technology Team Culture

We had a fascinating discussion at the Wednesday, May 1 TechDebate in Chicago where we discussed the shaping of culture on technology teams. Glenn Keighley of OutcomeHealth was one of the participants in the discussion and I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes...

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