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Proactive Risk Mitigation with Sphere Partners to Safeguard Your Business

At Sphere Partners, we believe that cybersecurity risk management services should be part of any business strategy. Most people think of security as a costly software expense. We believe it’s all about risk management and mitigation that should provide continuous prevention, detection, and remediation. As your business expands, your vulnerability surface expands along with it. Continuously assessing and addressing risk becomes increasingly important on an ongoing basis. Risk can never be truly zero. But, our team differs in that we take a proactive—not reactive—approach to establish a secure position for our clients; minimizing it to as close as possible for your leadership to tolerate. Our cybersecurity risk management assessment service can secure your systems upfront to reduce the chances of significant damage to your business and reputation.

Cyber attacks can take the form of malware, ransomware, cryptojacking and phishing to mention a few common examples. Most businesses are reported to take an average of 200 days to identify data breaches, over 20% of all files are unprotected and on top of this, a company can face an average cost of $2.4 million from a malware attack. 

Most businesses are reported to take an average of over 200 days to identify data breaches. 21% of all files are unprotected in any way. And ultimately, any company can face an average cost of $1.85 million from a ransomware attack. Not to mention the irreparable damage to your brand, which will take years to earn back—if ever.

Taking steps against these kinds of data breaches is far less complex than it may initially sound. Our cybersecurity experts take a strategic and tailored approach, taking into consideration our clients’ specific threats and vulnerabilities. Sphere’s Cybersecurity SIG (Standard Information Gathering) Process leverages our combined experience and best practices into a holistic risk management review approach.

We ask challenging and illuminating questions regarding your security measures. From auditing who in your business has vs. needs access to sensitive data, to ensuring the implementation of multi-factor authentication, data encryption, Zero Trust policies and more.

Our risk management cybersecurity experts will work with you to identify potential threats well in advance and cater to your specific industry’s needs. Finally, we create an actionable, in-budget plan to address such risks and address any of your unique concerns.

With Sphere Partners, you are assured that you’re working with a partner that will find the best cybersecurity strategy, solution and tool stack that matches your risk tolerance and budget.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services

To tackle advanced cyber threats, you must be prepared. The preparation starts with a thorough assessment that precedes your cybersecurity risk management plan. Outlined will be your current cyber risks, as well as emerging threats in a way that reduces your exposure to risks. You must protect your organization with preventative measures, sensitive detection capabilities, and robust response and defense programs.

Trusted Data Security Services Program

data security and protection services

It’s challenging to minimize exposure to cyber threats when there are new ones emerging constantly. How do you stay ahead and protect your organization? Our trusted advisor program is based on your specific cyber defense requirements. Our network data security experts can work with you on defining these and come up with a plan through reviewing and assessing your current environment.

VIP Cybersecurity

data security compliance and assessment

Our cybersecurity programs include looking into assets across platforms, assessing potential threats and creating a customized defense plan. Following this, we put the plan to action and monitor for vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.


MyCISO program from sphere partners

The CISO program is provided by a security expert, a Chief Information Security Officer, who is allocated to implement a cybersecurity program. It includes a tailored strategy roadmap, a risk register, implementation of governance, preventative countermeasures and more.

Cloud Data Protection Services

cloud data protection services

Technological advancements have led to businesses expanding to multiple cloud computing environments. This consequently leads to increased cybersecurity risks that need to be addressed. Using our cybersecurity methodology, we design security controls and data protection services to protect cloud ecosystems and their services from cyber attacks. The process starts with a strategy and assessment, followed by a deep-dive into the DevSecOps tools review to ensure alignment between tools and security objectives.

Cybersecurity Compliance & Assurance Services

Our cybersecurity compliance and assurance services help organizations understand how compliant their data security practices and processes are. We take a look at potential risks and run tests to get a better understanding of how prepared and equipped our clients are to deal with increasing cybersecurity threats. Sphere Partners sets the bar for cybersecurity compliance standards.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

data security services and compliance

The best practices for data security are in place to assist clients by assessing the organization’s current security posture. Penetration tests help us understand an organization’s vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. Upon completion, we get the full picture of your vulnerabilities which enables us to form a strong cyber defense.

Third Party Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

cybersecurity risk assessment services from sphere partners

Companies work with many third parties to manage various aspects of their business. This creates further exposure to cyber-related vulnerabilities that need to be considered. Our third party risk management and information security assessment services assess the cyber threats caused by vendors you are working with and build a cybersecurity vendor management policy to be integrated in your processes.

Cybersecurity Risk Management FAQ

What is cybersecurity risk management?

Cybersecurity risk management is the process of identifying, planning, managing and monitoring risks or vulnerabilities to information systems.

What are the five elements of cyber risk management?

The 5 elements are protect, identify, detect, respond, and recover which themselves contain procedures that minimize the effect of incidents.

How much does professional cybersecurity risk management services cost?

Our pricing varies depending on your size and needs. Although, we do provide free consultations for all potential clients so that you can get a more accurate estimate and project overview before beginning. Simply reach out to us today to get started.

Why Sphere’s Cybersecurity Risk Management?

Our team of cybersecurity and data security experts is dedicated to reducing risks, alleviating threats, and protecting our clients from cyber attacks.

Our bespoke approach looks at clients’ specific use cases and develops frameworks to address their specific concerns.

If you’re looking to hire a trained endpoint security service team skilled in implementing complex cybersecurity strategies, get in touch with us./p>

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