Get Your Own Home-Delivery Platform

Our accelerated framework helps all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs launch and optimize their home-delivery operations to save time and reduce costs.


Add a new revenue source to your business, or start a new home-delivery service.

Our pre-built delivery solution allows you to manage orders, drivers, routes, and payments from the start, and it can be easily customized to any business model. It’s so simple, merchants can reassign current employees to do deliveries, and entrepreneurs can start a brand new home-delivery business with minimal effort.

Whether you are up and running and want to offer additional value to your customers, or are just starting out, our Home-Delivery solution has you covered.

Our platform accelerates speed to market since we’ve built the common features you’ll need to start:

  • Optimize routes to save time
  • Manage multiple store locations in one dashboard
  • Consolidate orders to save cost
  • Receive and manage orders 24/7

Platform Features and Functionality

With pre-built home-delivery functionality for the back-end, mobile app for drivers and live dashboards, we make it fast and easy to customize and build your own solution.

Backend Digital Platform:

  • Assign deliveries
  • Receive and create orders
  • Track deliveries through completion
  • Integrates with your existing systems
  • Ability to create delivery orders on-the-fly
  • Schedule orders in advance
  • Delivery or cancelation notes archive

Mobile App For Drivers:

  • Log employee hours
  • Manage onsite payments
  • Driver navigation assistance
  • Driver or administrator controls driver shifts
  • Automatic order assignment to the closest driver
  • Push notifications for new order assignments
  • Provides real-time driver location updates

Live Dashboard and Reports Portal:

  • Real-time dashboard with all open deliveries
  • Generate delivery reports
  • Manage the addition/removal of delivery staff
  • Control delivery assignments based on driver availability, location, etc.
  • Schedule orders in advance
  • Built-in report dashboards to effectively run your operations

Start Delivering

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