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Supercharge your technology innovation with immediate access to our EV software company that employs senior EV software engineers, designers and product managers that have years of proven experience in the EV industry.

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End-to-End EV Software Expertise

Our experience in the EV industry is backed by years of working with some of the largest companies in the space, creating strong, proven results in many industry-defining projects. Work with software engineers that already come with the critical industry knowledge that can quickly scale up to work in any electric vehicle software engineering project.

CPO and EMSP Expertise

From monitoring charge point performance for CPOs to establishing a software framework of in-network chargers, Sphere's senior EV engineers are among the most proven in the industry.

OCPP and OCPI Protocols

Ensure that your software innovation is in compliance with the latest electric mobility and EV protocols. Quickly be able to assess and address any compliance requirements in your electric vehicle software development project.

OCPP v1.6 to v2.0.1 Migration

OCPP version 2.0.1 addresses several core deficiencies, including tracking the electricity dispensed when there is a network disruption. Rapidly augment your team with experienced EV software engineers to get your platform protocol migrated immediately and efficiently.

Custom EV Charge Point Central System Development

Quickly ensure compatibility with your partner EMSPs and efficiently implement any custom EV software upgrades.

Development Engagement Models

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E2E Product Development

Turn your EV software product vision to reality at scale. Conceptualize, plan and develop your ideas into robust, industry-changing products from end-to-end.

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Augmented Teams

Fulfill immediate resource gaps by onboarding our skilled product engineers with 5 years of EV software development and electro mobility experience under your direction and alongside your existing technology teams.

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Turn-Key Dev Teams

Assemble team pods governed by industry-leading processes to deliver your roadmap at a faster rate. This independent pod can be scaled/adjusted throughout the project.

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Rapid MVPs

Quickly activate your EV MVP within weeks for immediate market testing. Design a cost-efficient software prototype from the ground up through our simple 5-step development process.

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Create Your EV Team in 7 Days or Less

Connect with our success partners to rapidly find the best development talent for your team. Our highly experienced electric vehicle software development engineers have a broad and deep skillset; guaranteed to perfectly fit into your new or ongoing software project.

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Innovation Should Not Be Limited by Lack of EV Software Development Talent

In a market that is as competitive as EV and electric mobility, each day lost in furthering your software platform is a critical problem. Today, there are 37 major companies (publicly-traded) in the EV space, with hundreds more in the form of service providers, manufacturers and more. And, every one of them is looking to quickly innovate, optimize and accelerate their technology to gain an even bigger market share in an industry with a rapidly increasing market cap potential.

With Sphere, you get immediate access to senior electric vehicle software engineering talent, each with at least 5+ years of experience in the EV industry. Working with Sphere on your new or existing product roadmap comes with rapid placements in 7 days and the flexibility to scale your teams up and down as necessary; optimizing both the efficiency and cost of your project..

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