Tech Due Diligence:
An Overview of Process and Risk Evaluation

A Sphere Webinar Spotlight

Igor Meltser, VP of Global Technology Solutions and Services, goes over our comprehensive Tech Due Diligence services for companies looking to invest or acquire technology firms.

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A Comprehensive Overview of Due Diligence for M&A

In our 3-part video webinar series below, watch Igor discuss how tech due diligence works. From knowing when you need to conduct an assessment, setting proper expectations with your tech due diligence provider and ultimately, what goes into risk evaluation when investing into a technology company.

Who Needs a Tech Due Diligence Assessment?

 Addressing Lack of Transparency, Organizational Alignment

How Do I Evaluate Risk When Investing Into a Tech Company?

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VP of Global Technology Solutions, Trusted Partner

Igor has extensive technical and operational experience, spending the last 15 years of his career in various Healthcare-related IT roles. With almost 20 years overall in small entrepreneurial and large global tech-forward organizations, Igor leads cross-functional teams to design and deliver innovative technology solutions to some of the world’s largest companies and industries.

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