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The Future Of FinTech Innovation

FinTechs (financial technology firms) have exploded in recent years. With their incredible growth, FinTechs have gained billions of dollars worth of market share from established banks and other financial institutions. This has sparked a major industry debate: how is FinTech innovation disrupting the market?

As a leading creator of FinTech solutions for over a decade, Sphere analyzes the “innovation vs. disruption” debate in this new white paper. Additionally, we break down pertinent financial data and provide industry insights. Finally, we predict future trends in the FinTech space.

What You Will Learn

  1. How is innovation altering the financial space
  2. Pertinent FinTech data and insights
  3. Future FinTech trends
Case Study: Loan Approval Workflow

Case Study: Loan Approval Workflow

CreditNinja is a fast-growing web lending and approval application. It uses a loan approval workflow to faciliate transactions for all parties. A number of third-party services needed to be efficiently integrated in order to fetch and store the data needed for the...

Case Study: Develop End-User Portal using Microservices

Case Study: Develop End-User Portal using Microservices

OVERVIEW A financial services company wanted to rapidly develop a transactional portal for storing customer financial data and make the data available to customer service personnel. PROBLEMS / CHALLENGESThe organization had made significant investments in its digital...

Case Study – Chat Bot Development

Case Study – Chat Bot Development

Problem Rebel is an online lending platform that is leading a change in the Brazilian financial system by offering personal loans to customers that are fast and secure with the help of smart contract technology. Rebel wanted to develop chat bots that would not only...