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Emerging Technologies

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain is set to revolutionize a multitude of industries, including finance, healthcare, supply chain, and more.

This technology stores identical pieces of information across a decentralized network. Therefore, it is not controlled by a single entity and it has no single point of failure. Blockchain’s electronic ledger provides an immutable, time-stamped record of transactions. This allows all transactions to be easily verified, making it the ideal forum for trading cryptocurrency ( digital currency with limited entries in a decentralized database ). Invented in 2008, Blockchain is becoming widely adopted due to its transparency, minimal transaction costs, and user empowerment.


Our expert team will work with you to develop a blockchain that meets your organization’s business goals, while delivering outstanding value.


Learn how industry leaders have built their blockchain on this open source collaboration tool, powered by Linux. Our experts can help you take full advantage of Hyperledger’s longevity, transparency, support, and interoperability.


Prevent fraud by substituting your sensitive data with algorithmically generated numbers, or tokens. These tokens can be transmitted online and through various payment processing networks without exposing bank details.



Create cryptocurrency exchanges where buyers and sellers meet — similar to a traditional stock exchange. Traders can choose to buy and sell digital currency in a user-friendly environment, backed by advanced security features.


Execute your agreements with Ethereum’s computerized transaction protocol, eliminating the need for third parties like notaries or data administrators. No matter your industry, we can build an Ethereum solution that transfers value between parties under preset terms

What is the Impact of Blockchain?


will be stored on blockchains or blockchain related technology by 2025.


is the business value added by blockchain by 2025, then surge to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030.


is the estimated size of the Blockchain technology market by 2021.


will release a Blockchain application in 2017.

AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Together we open up new AI opportunities that can – in a very real way – change the future.


Our machine learning software development services involve creating self learning algorithms that can minimize errors and maximize accuracy with time. Systems powered by ML analyze data and learn new things from them which results in fast and reliable insights delivered without any human intervention.


As an artificial intelligence consulting company we can help you spot AI opportunities and eliminate barriers to AI innovation. With our expertise in applied AI and software development you can build intelligent systems that replicate human tasks but do these tasks quicker and cheaper, anytime and anywhere.


Dirty data, unstructured data, data that is hard to access – converting large amounts of these “trouble” data into meaningful information is a challenge we can help you solve. We collect raw data, examine and segment them, and deliver it to you in a suitable format so you can collate this information and generate insights.


We provide data science services to help our partners find patterns in data and extract relevant insights by using statistical methods. The types of tasks our big data specialists solve in data science include data collection, data processing, building predictive models using machine learning algorithms, and deployment.

Use Cases Our AI & ML Consulting Company Handles

We implement AI and machine learning where these technologies are truly necessary. If you have a problem that can indeed be solved with AI/ML we would advise the best approach based on our experience. Below are some viable applications of AI and machine learning that we have the expertise working with.



Know what customers want and sell more.

A recommendation engine can well be described as a shrewd salesman who knows what your customer likes and is more likely to benefit from, and will recommend this product to them. We implement recommendation systems for products used in ecommerce, finance, media, and other industries.


“See” what’s going on in a picture

Making products in the images searchable, filtering out unsafe user-generated content, making purchasing recommendations on taken photos – how cool is that! With the help of neural networks and machine learning technology we can train a system to identify people and objects in images and build high value applications.


Natural language processing

The common use case for NLP technology is a text-only interface or a spoken dialog system that can answer a human request. But we also use NLP to understand what customers think about your products, extract information about companies or people from news articles, generate short descriptions of text documents, and more.


Combat the risks of fraud attacks

The cost of credit card fraud amounts to billions of dollars yearly. Why rely on human-generated rule sets for fraud detection? We can help you leverage machine learning to detect fraudulent and abnormal financial behavior. A system for fraud detection performs analytics and delivers risk scores in real-time, with great accuracy.


Predict the future. Without a crystal ball.

To achieve predictive analytics capabilities means to know if a debtor will pay back the debt, what prospects are more likely to take action, which product a customer will click on, or what is the likeliness of a particular illness. We use statistical modelling and ML techniques to analyse past data to predict future outcomes.


Almost like Siri. But all yours.

They schedule meetings, book flight tickets, help you save money, get you dressed up for a night out, and even talk to you when you feel lonely. These guys aren’t people. They are personal assistants powered by AI. We can help you build one with a unique personality and skills needed for retail, finance, travel, HR and other areas.

1. Assessment

We will investigate your problem to determine whether it requires a machine learning solution. If it does, we will gather the requirements and prepare a roadmap for your project. If not, we’ll save you time and money by not implementing AI.

2. Exploration

You might have a sufficient amount of data ready for collection and analysis. If this isn’t the case, we will collect the needed data from online sources if possible. Then we’ll process these data to find patterns and correlations.

3. Modeling

Once the data is in good shape, the most exciting part of our services will begin. Learning model development involves a lot of experimentation and discovery. We’ll iterate until  the algorithm gives great results.

4. Productization

When we get the proof that our prototype model can address your business problem, we will launch it in production. We’ll integrate the model with your application and provide support services to make sure it works on a broader or different data set.

Apply AI To Your Business

Artificial intelligence brings enormous benefits to business. From marketing to finance to operations – we’ve got the skills to make your every business function work miles better.


Make decisions without the fear of uncertainty and allocate capital more efficiently.


Predict which candidates are best to hire and increase employee retention rates.


Optimize your marketing spend, target your messages better, and acquire new customers.


Forecast sales, prioritize your actions based on lead scores, and automate sales activities.


Predict and thwart impending attacks with smart security systems and analytics.


Automate costly back office operations and optimize your inventory and supply chain.

Big Data Analytics

Custom back-end systems designed to compete in today’s data-driven business climate.

Sphere Software specializes in building custom back-end systems designed to compete in today’s data-driven business climate.

Companies are able to collect more data than ever before through employer databases, social media activity, email inboxes, website click-throughs, loyalty programs, location services, third party data brokers, and more.

Organizations that utilize their data are able to plan smarter, identify opportunities, react quickly, eliminate waste, and reduce risk. Our expert engineers have over ten years of experience with business intelligence technologies.

We can create a scalable architecture that provides granular reporting capabilities and real-time data visualization tools.

  • Business intelligence modernization
  • Data center deployment (on-premise, cloud, or hybrid)
  • Extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL)
  • Data scaling
  • Serverless computing
  • IoT processing
  • Data visualization
  • Clickstream analytics
  • Data protection and retention

Chatbot Development

Helping Enterprises Innovate and Trim Costs & Helping Small Businesses Grow

AI or rule-based Chatbots can recognize customer intent and enable precise knowledge delivery. They capture analytical data which gives valuable insight into your customers’ activities. Chatbots can also engage in highly personalized customer interactions and follow-ups, which are proven to increase customer retention and loyalty. You can trim costs by automating your internal processes and providing your customers with automated 24/7 support in any language.

A chatbot solution can help your company compete with larger organizations by increasing employee productivity, generating real-time financial reports, scheduling meetings, updating sales lead information, speeding up approvals, responding to customers, and more. We can integrate chatbot solutions into either your proprietary chat tools or third-party tools, allowing you to handle a higher communication load and maximize the power of your small team.

Our Chatbot Expertise


We use the leading tools on the market to power our Chatbots with Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Our Chatbots provide friendly, personalized interactions with customers — the type that increase loyalty and drive repeat purchases.


Our Chatbots are custom-designed to meet your organization’s goals, whether that means streamlining internal processes or providing outstanding customer support.


Our relationship doesn’t end when your bot is complete — we’ll remain available to answer your questions and provide you with support.

Chatbot Deployment To Multiple Platforms


We can build AI-based bots by tapping into Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, allowing you to integrate them with Office 365 or Skype.


Slack, the popular cloud-based team collaboration tool, now has over 2.3 million monthly active users. Our chatbots can help you communicate with your team on Slack, and can perform automated tasks to speed up your workflows.


We can create Telegram bots to help you support your customers and automatically perform their requested actions. With over 100 million users, Telegram allows users to send ( and optionally self-destruct ) messages, images, and videos.


With over 2 billion worldwide desktop users and 1 billion Facebook Messenger mobile app users, Facebook bots can vastly expand your company’s audience and reach.


Alexa is exploding in popularity with over 10 million users to date. When you integrate your chatbot with Amazon’s digital assistant, users will be able to make convenient, hands-free requests.


With over 5 million devices sold, this platform’s “Actions on Google” feature allows developers to extend the assistant and implement a “Conversation Action” for the user.

Advantages Of Utilizing Chatbots


  • Save time and trim costs by automating administrative tasks
  • Improve workflows for your existing CRM, ERP, and HR software by creating bot extensions
  • Quickly and easily scale to any size organization
  • Generate real-time financial reports
  • Enhance marketing campaigns and update sales lead information
  • Adhere to high standards of privacy and secure authentication


  • Integrate bots into 3rd party chats like Facebook, Slack, Telegram, and Microsoft
  • Capture real time analytical data on your customers’ activities
  • Utilize a chat or voice interface that customers are familiar with
  • Recognize customer intent and enable precise knowledge delivery
  • Provide 24/7 customer support in any language. A cost effective alternative to maintaining a call center
  • Engage in highly personalized customer interactions and follow-ups, which are proven to increase customer retention and loyalty


85% of all customer service interactions by 2020

Chatbot technology will save businesses $8B annually worldwide by 2022


67% of customers worldwide used a Chatbot for customer support in the past year

Chatbot Industry Applications


  • Manufacturers can use bots to manage their supply chains
  • Employees can use bots to provide inventory details and generate purchase orders for restocking
  • Chatbots can send out notifications when shipments arrive and initiate the production of goods


  • Bots can work as “medical assistants” and answer commonly-asked health-related questions
  • Automate patient discharge, medical equipment orders, and renewing patient prescriptions
  • Easily obtain feedback from recently discharged patients to prevent unnecessary re-admission


  • Customers can ask questions regarding product availability, specifications, pricing, and shipping status
  • Chatbots can provide relevant website links for additional product information
  • Chatbots can offer customer suggestions based on purchase history