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HealthTech Leaders Forum: Innovating Healthcare Interactions

In the patient-led economy, it's essential to prioritize the unique needs of those you serve—patients, consumers, care teams, and professionals. Team up with the most innovative health tech leaders, leveraging their unique knowledge and capabilities alongside other ecosystem members.

Reshaping FinTech in Times of Uncertainty and AI Innovation

Join our webinar for key insights from fintech leaders on how financial services are navigating the challenges of current economic times, inspiring innovation and bolstering their workforce's skills.

A Smarter World – EV and Electrification

In this event we would like to explore how emerging tech solutions are shaping electrification strategies and opening up new opportunities for the ecosystem participants.

Financial Services Leaders Forum – Networking Dinner

Join our expert panel where we delve into how industry leaders are navigating these challenges and keeping the spirit of innovation alive. Dive into this crucial conversation on the resilience of the fintech sector.

Tech Leadership Challenged by Uncertain Times

Current and incoming CTOs face a challenge to increase their rate of innovation and resilience. The most successful CTOs need to embrace the challenge of leading more complex but higher business-impact initiatives.

EV Week

This week, Sphere goes electric. We are thrilled to announce a week-long celebration dedicated to the future of transportation: Electric Vehicles (EVs). Join us as we embark on an electrifying journey, exploring the countless benefits and advancements of electric mobility.

London Business and Tech Leaders Cocktail Evening – 5 April 2023

Some of the brightest minds in tech for an evening of fine cocktails at The Alchemist in London. Network with business and technology leaders, diving in insightful conversations such as the trending topic of the ever-evolving AI and ML technologies.

Lunch and Learn with Sphere – Enterprise Systems and Acumatica

In 1 hour, Sphere’s experts will demonstrate Acumatica’s features as an ERP, its specific potential benefits to your organization and more.

Chicago Tech Leaders Roundtable – 11 August 2022

We are bringing together Chicago-based technology leaders to address current business technology challenges.

Sphere Partners is going to SuiteWorld

Sphere Partners is going to SuiteWorld 2021 to connect with fellow NetSuite users looking to discover exclusive expert insights at the event.

Best Ecommerce Platform for fluctuating online shopping habits

Register Now for a Sphere Virtual Fireside Chat - 10 Jun 2020 Future Proofing Your Ecommerce Business for Accelerated Online Demand

Virtual CTO Round table Series Organized by Sphere Partners

April 15 @ 4PM CDT
Discover how senior tech leaders are pivoting due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Python vs Ruby webinar to discuss Modern Software Architecture

Ruby vs Python
What are the pros and cons of each approach in modern software architecture?

Tech debate in Austin on digital innovation


Tech Event in New York – CTO peer dinner on 12 Feb | Sphere Partner

Sphere Tech Peer Group Dinner - New York City February 12, 2020 Request an Invitation

NYC Tech Happy Hour – Meetup for tech executives on 11 feb | Sphere Partner

February 2020 Sphere Happy Hour - New York City February 11, 2020 Request an Invitation

Tech Debates in Austin – Tips to lead technology companies | Sphere Partner


Tech Debates Austin – Tech Event | Apr. 23rd, 2020


CTO Roundtable for Tech Leaders in Zurich

February Swiss СТО Roundtable
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Tech debate in Chicago – Efficient enterprise systems implementation

Lessons Learned from Business Systems Selection and Implementations

Tech Debates Austin – Tech Event | Jan. 30th, 2020


NetSuite and Sphere Software(NetSuite Certified Partner) Meetup

January 2020 NetSuite Forward - Chicago
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Fintech event – Tech debate in Chicago on digital innovation


CTO Roundtable for Tech Leaders in Chicago

January 2020 CTO Roundtable - Chicago
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Sphere Con – Agenda


Tech Debate in Miami -Tips to scale up Software Development Team


Tech Debates in Chicago – Tips To Succeed In leading Software Development Companies


Tech Debate in London on software development


SphereCon innovation software development


Tech Debates in Austin – Startup to Scale


Developing Technical Agility – A Tech Debate in Zurich


Tech Debates Chicago NetSuite implementation


How to Organize R&D? Tech Debates Tel Aviv – June 24th, 2019

UI/UX Design - Exploring Relationships Between User Engagement, Experience and Digital Addiction

Bettle For the Cloud Tech Debates Austin – May 21st, 2019

UI/UX Design - Exploring Relationships Between User Engagement, Experience and Digital Addiction

Structuring Technology Teams for Success, Innovation, and Competitive Advantage

  Boris Korenfeld is the vice president of R&D for Gett, an on-demand mobility solutions provider and the global leader in corporate ground travel. He recently participated in a TechDebate in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the panel discussed the merits of various organizational approaches for technology R&D teams. Fortunately, Boris and I had the opportunity […]

Software Architecture 9/25/19 Tech Debates Minsk

Ruby vs Elixir and Monolith vs Micro-services
What are the pros and cons of each approach in modern software architecture?

Unleashing Agile Development to Improve Education

  Fernando DeLeon is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Innovare, a software solution seeking to improve the quality of education across the U.S. and Mexico.  During a recent Chicago TechDebate, Fernando talked about his technology product and project management experience in a panel discussion on the application of agile development methodology for traditionally nonagile […]

9/17/19 Tech Debates Austin

Can security, compliance, innovation, and agile methodologies co-exist?

Implementing Agile in Unexpected Places

  At a recent TechDebate in Chicago, we discussed implementing agile and apply agile to traditionally non-agile scenarios. We had a lively exchange, and fortunately, I had the chance to discuss the topic further with one of the panelists, Thanisha Paniak, Agile Program Leader at Capital One.  Sphere Software hosts a series of TechDebates around […]

Chicago CTO Roundtable for Emerging Companies

CTO Roundtable Chicago
More information on the CTO Rountable Chicago Event is coming soon!

Remote Development & Business Process Teams – Considerations for Success

Deciding whether a remote team is a good fit for your needs requires several different considerations, in this post we asked a business process automation expert his views on remote development and process automation.

UI/UX Design – Exploring Relationships Between User Engagement

UI/UX Design - Exploring Relationships Between User Engagement, Experience and Digital Addiction

Ruby Vs Golang. How to decide better choice for you?

It has often been said that you should never talk politics or religion with strangers. With developers, it is always risky to ask which programming language they prefer because you will get an earful. Risks aside, I had a great discussion with Alex Randa, one of Sphere’s amazing full stack developers about when you should […]

Sphere Team Excited to Participate at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW Conference

  The current SAP and Digital Transformation landscape isn’t just exciting, but it’s constantly evolving. Which is why the Sphere team has decided to partake in this year’s SAP SAPPHIRE NOW Conference, the largest cloud innovation and business tech conference in the U.S., from June 5 to 7 in Orlando, Florida. At this conference, we’ll […]

Sphere Software Proud Sponsor of This Year’s i.c.stars Capitalize 2018 Event

  At Sphere Software, we pride ourselves on being regular contributors to the local software development community. This is why we’ve decided to participate in this year’s i.c.stars Capitalize 2018 event; a day filled with top-level CIOs and tech influencers who see the value in shaping the next generation of change-driven, future tech leaders here […]

SphereCon​ ​to ​Support ​the​ ​Go​ ​and​ ​Ruby​ ​Communities

  On​ ​October​ ​28,​ ​2017​ ​we​ ​hosted​ ​software​ ​engineers​ ​and​ ​UI​ ​/​ ​UX​ ​designers​ ​from around​ ​the​ ​world​ ​at​ ​SphereCon​ ​to​ ​network​ ​and​ ​learn​ ​best​ ​practices​ ​from​ ​our experts.​ ​This​ ​event​ ​took​ ​place​ ​at​ ​Interia’s​ ​conference​ ​hall​ ​in​ ​Kiev. With​ ​Go​ ​and​ ​Ruby​ ​continuing​ ​to​ ​evolve,​ ​Sphere​ ​Software’s​ ​CEO​ ​Leon​ ​Ginsburg​ ​saw the​ ​need​ ​to​ […]

Front-End Testing with Python: EuroPython

  The Golden Age of Python   With a vibrant multi-million-user community, Python is currently the fourth most mentioned language on the TIOBE index. Originally conceived in 1989, Python enjoyed a modest user base until it exploded in the early 2000s, when Google adopted it as a major implementation language. Now a staple for many […]

Sphere Showcases the Rebel Chatbot at a Conference in Tel Aviv

  As an avid supporter of the chatbot development community, Sphere will feature a case study of a customer service chatbot they are developing in partnership with a Brazilian-based smart-loan provider, Rebel, at the third international Chatbot Summit in Tel Aviv. This event will take place on January 31 at the InterContinental David Hotel in […]

Sphere Joins Blockchain Development Leaders by CoinDesk

  Consensus 2018 presented by CoinDesk is expected to be one of the largest gatherings of blockchain startups, enterprise tech leaders, and crypto-enthusiasts looking to learn more about cryptocurrency and the direction it’s headed. With over 10 years of technical expertise and a team of knowledgeable blockchain developers, Sphere Software couldn’t turn down the great […]