At Sphere Software, we pride ourselves on being regular contributors to the local software development community. This is why we’ve decided to participate in this year’s i.c.stars Capitalize 2018 event; a day filled with top-level CIOs and tech influencers who see the value in shaping the next generation of change-driven, future tech leaders here in Chicago.

What is i.c.stars?

Founded in 1999, i.c.stars is a nonprofit organization that is centered around young adults looking to gain valuable business and tech experience to promote change in their communities. This is done through an immersive, project-based learning experience.

i.c.stars has had a measurable impact on their students:

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From i.c.stars, students go on to promising careers in the energy sector, healthcare, IT services, government, financial services, and many other fields. They’ll fill every position from IT Managers and Directors to CIOs and CEOs. The hard work and dedication i.c.stars commits to every student that goes through their program is admirable, and we commend them on their success.

About the Event

Over 200 CIOs and high-level tech executives, along with i.c.stars alumni will attend this year’s event titled ‘Capitalize 2018’. The main focus of the day will be on the future of cyber and data security — one of the more pressing technological matters in this day and age.

The event will take place on May 11 from 7am to 12pm at Maggiano’s Little Italy, 516 N. Clark Street. More information about the event overview, sponsors, and conference speakers can be found on the i.c.stars website.

Sphere will join fellow tech sponsors like Salesforce, Docker, Littelfuse, and many more at Capitalize 2018. We’ll have a one of our top-level SAP and data security experts in attendance to collaborate with other members, and share Sphere’s approach to applying emerging technologies to crucial security tasks.

To see how Sphere’s SAP solutions will be used to innovate security and data quality testing, feel free to explore our full list of SAP consulting services.