Exploring ERPs and Enterprise Systems with Acumatica

Sphere Partners’ Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

When: September 29, 2022
10:00am CST / 4:00pm BST

Where: Online Webinar

Join our enterprise systems experts over a free lunch to learn the latest about Enterprise Systems/ERPs and its potential benefits to both small and medium-sized organizations.

At the heart of every business,
there is an enterprise waiting to grow.

From small startup companies, mid-size businesses to large-size corporations, all these companies typically have similar needs and challenges that simply operate on a different scale. But, since the root of the challenge remains the same, these often have the same required solution.

Enter Sphere and our newest Enterprise System/ERP offering, Acumatica. 

Acumatica is a leading Cloud ERP that offers modern business management solutions for multiple industries, such as construction, retail, and more. From financial management to point of sales solutions, Acumatica is an enterprise system that comes with critical features specific to your industry out of the box. And, can be further customized specific to your needs.

Go past what your company’s limits was, and learn about what your company can be—today. Register for our lunch and learn today to know more!

ERP / Acumatica Lunch and Learn Agenda

In 1 hour, Sphere’s experts will demonstrate Acumatica’s features as an ERP, its specific potential benefits to your organization and more.

Sphere Partners Overview

  • What we do
  • Who we are as a strong ERP provider

What is an ERP?

  • How ERP’s differ from other business systems
  • Discuss Acumatica as an ERP, and how they fit in the market

Why are ERPs Critical?

  • How businesses need core ERP functions
  • How ERPs aid in organizing data
  • How ERPs improve the efficiency of critical business processes

Older vs Newer ERPs

  • Differences in technology
  • Differences in functionality
  • Modern support for modern businesses

What to consider when implementing an ERP?

  • Value—the quality you get in the price you pay for
  • Features and functionality
  • Common pitfalls when implementing an ERP
  • Choosing an implementation partner