Sphere Partners is going to SuiteWorld

We look forward to connecting with fellow NetSuite users looking to discover exclusive expert insights at the event this year. This is going to be a re-envisioned SuiteWorld to help you solve your toughest business challenges and harness new opportunities for growth.

SuiteWorld takes place on October 18–21, 2021 in Las Vegas. But there are also virtual seats. Here’s what to expect.

The agenda? You get to choose it! You can choose from over 180 in-person and On Air sessions to create a customized agenda to match your business needs and personal goals. If you haven’t registered, you can do so here!

After you register, you’ll have access to the Agenda Builder, where you can pick sessions and add them to your schedule. Register now to guarantee your in-person or virtual seat!

Here are a few (a very small snippet!) of the sessions you can expect to be covered at the event:

5 Keys to Resilient NetSuite Shipping

This session covers how to use improved NetSuite shipping technology to thrive in a time of growing opportunity, when you may also be challenged by significant issues like labor shortages, capacity problems, and compliance headaches. Learn about 5 keys to resilient NetSuite shipping including carrier choice, efficient pack-and-ship, integration, automation and compliance. This video will explore each of the five keys, reviewing why each is important and how it can help you improve your NetSuite implementation.

Automate Order Orchestration with NetSuite Advanced Order Management

Join this session to learn the basics of NetSuite Advanced Order Management. We’ll describe how NetSuite customers configure this functionality to super-power order orchestration processes.

Automate Recurring Billing in NetSuite

Adding a subscription model can be a daunting task. Managing the billing process manually—entering customer data, dealing with complex rating scenarios, and managing change orders and renewals—leads to errors and the inefficient use of time. In this session, you’ll learn about the art of customer-specific price plans, including volume, tiered, and flat-rate models. You’ll also learn how to automate usage billing and generate monthly recurring revenue and churn reports for management on a dime. Automatic renewals? Multiple change orders? Bring ’em on!

Automate Your Admin Tasks and Improve Communication with Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

Your life as an Administrator is always busy, but we want to change that. This session will teach you how to save time with NetSuite’s Advanced PDF/HTML Templates, which dynamically change the formatting or data displayed in the files you send to your customers or staff, such as invoices and purchase orders. We’ll demonstrate out-of-the-box features that eliminate the need for third-party tools or multiple templates, and we’ll share real-world examples of how you can use the same template to produce drastically different results.

Any of these sound of interest? If yes, make sure you sign up to not miss out! In any case, this is THE event for NetSuite users. If you’re interested in checking out more of the sessions, you can browse here. Our team is excited to attend this event and we hope to build connections with more NetSuite users!