Google Cloud

Google Cloud (GCP) helps you modernize your workloads with hybrid and multi-cloud features and secure-by-design infrastructure.


Amazon Web Services

AWS is the market leader in IaaS cloud and we have the expertise to support any workload across it’s 175 and counting services.



Azure lets you operate hybrid cloud infrastructure seamlessly, making proactive compliance for enterprises, governments, and startups a great option.



AWS, Google Cloud and Azure all share common elements of a public cloud: self-service and instant provisioning, autoscaling, security, compliance and identity management features. While all three operate with slightly different user paradigms, we have expertise in all three cloud platforms; meaning we can serve your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, migrations to and between clouds, no matter how complex.

Areas of Expertise

Hybrid and Multi Cloud Deployments

Kubernetes and Docker

Complex Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) implementations

Microservices architecture

Cloud Migrations: Lift and Shift, Refactoring, Cloud First Design

Custom ML model deployment

Why Sphere?

  • Experts in AWS, Google Cloud (GCP) and Microsoft Azure
  • 100% Google Workspace Sales and Deployment Certified

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