Episode 13: Pivoting from Professional Athletics

The SphereCast team interviews John Mark Nalocca, a former professional track and field athlete who is now an Attache of the Italian Embassy in Israel and an MBA candidate at IDC Herzliya. As a track and fielder, John Mark competed in both national and international competitions and was on the verge of qualifying for two rounds of Olympic games, were it not for back-to-back leg injuries. Nalocca is set to graduate with his MBA in Strategy and Business Development this year, in 2021.

John Mark’s story is a tale of resilience in the face of adversity, but more than anything, his story is the prime example of someone who has mastered the art of the pivot. When unfortunate events derailed his dreams, Nalocca did not hesitate to pinpoint an alternative path and start moving. On the podcast, John Mark lays out his entire story, speaks to the importance of being driven and passionate, and shares some helpful tips on gracefully pivoting towards a new career path.


“The first trick to achieving a career in a different field is being hungry.”

“Success in sports is just an instance of many good habits carried out consistently together.”

John Mark Nalocca