Episode 17: Increasing Solar Panel Effectiveness

The SphereCast team interviews Ingmar Kruse, CEO of SunSniffer — a technology that measures solar power module performance using artificial intelligence. Kruse’s platform provides information on each module’s power usage and whether the module needs to be replaced, all with the push of a button. Prior to the advent of SunSniffer, this type of work was expensive — more expensive, in fact, than the panels themselves. However, through his work, Kruse hopes to take the pain out of solar energy and to, ultimately, encourage more widespread sustainable energy adoption.

Ingmar’s journey into solar power was far from linear, and his story is incredibly interesting. In fact, Ingmar’s earliest work was with color printing and scanning and its associated software. However, his diverse experience fostered a certain “out of the box” thinking that ultimately led him to his work today — work that is, quite literally, saving the world. On the podcast, Ingmar talks through his full story, gives details on how SunSniffer got off the ground, walks through his typical day, and so much more.

“It’s a great time to start a business. There are so many resources that are free of charge. There are great videos on YouTube. There’s not the burden of paying a lot of money [for training].”

“I like to listen to advice. I listen to other opinions. Because it helps me develop my own opinion… It helps me find my own way.”

Ingmar Kruse