Episode 20: Solving Problems with Domain-Driven Design

The SphereCast team speaks with Scott Millett, IT Director at Iglu.com. Since 1998, Iglu has been disrupting the UK’s ski and cruise travel industries. In these niche industries that often lag on technology, Iglu has set up an online portal for ski and cruise trip booking. This innovative and disruptive approach to booking has garnered the agency multiple awards and has allowed Iglu to be named the UK’s number one specialist travel agency.

As a disruptor himself, Scott has become passionate about domain-driven design — to the point of writing his own book, titled Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design. At its core, this concept attempts to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical team members through tools like a shared language and vocabulary. On the podcast, Scott deep dives on domain-driven design and discusses how his work has made Iglu the success that it is today.

“If we think fundamentally about the purpose of domain-driven design, it was really a way to manage solutions for complex problems… It bases solutions to problems around the domain you’re working in, so that both technical and non-technical people can reason about the solution to the problem you’re tackling.”


Scott Millett

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