Episode 29: Driving a Medical Revolution

The SphereCast team interviews Mariano Vazquez, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at ELEM Biotech. ELEM Biotech uses patient data to build “virtual humans,” replicating human cells, tissues, and organs and all their functions. Medical professionals can then run predictive modeling and simulation against these avatars to display the effects of various diseases and to forecast the effectiveness of treatments. ELEM’s earliest work has centered around virtually replicating the human cardiovascular system.

It’s not a stretch to claim that ELEM Biotech is revolutionizing medicine; it’s world-changing charter seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie. But it’s all true —and the ability to run experiments against real data-driven virtual humans is going to change the medical game and save some lives along the way. On the podcast, Mariano deep dives on his product and product architecture, details the benefits of this incredible technology, and discusses lessons learned from the beginning of his company to now.


“When healthcare companies work with data, it’s like an oil company. Artificial intelligence is like dealing with oil. Oil is data. The oil will always be there… But the kinds of things that we do is like an alternative energy… If you take what we do and combine it with the oil —the data —you can start a revolution.”

“With our product, we’ve always been very concerned about portability, flexibility, and modularity. And a fourth one —efficiency. With these four things in mind, we’re in a position to deploy the different parts of the platform in various locations.”

“You asked me for advice? Don’t give up. No matter how difficult things are —don’t give up.”

“The most valuable lesson I learned was that, as a researcher, I do not understand business. It’s a whole different arena. I learned that I must work with someone that really knows it. And it’s what we’re doing now.”

Mariano Vazquez

ELEM Biotech