AI Readiness Assessment for Businesses

How Ready Are You For Tomorrow’s AI Technology?

The question of AI in today’s business environment has become undeniable. Companies that have already adopted AI are poised to lead their respective industries from sheer operational efficiency alone.

As AI gets optimized, so does the need for your business. AI readiness is critically important, and many companies are wondering just how ready they are—if at all. That’s where Sphere comes in.

Why Do I Need an AI Assessment?

With the increasing use of data and AI in business operations, it is crucial for organizations to ensure they have the right capabilities and infrastructure to support their data-driven initiatives. Therefore, an effective assessment service is essential for businesses to identify their current data and AI maturity level, assess the gaps between the current and desired state, and create a roadmap for enhancing their capabilities.

This assessment can help organizations understand how they can leverage data and AI to improve their operations, drive innovation, and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, it can help businesses identify potential risks and challenges, such as data privacy and ethical considerations, and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Overall, our AI assessment service provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities, and help them make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

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AI Assessment Services

Data and AI Strategy

A comprehensive strategy that aligns with the business goals, identifies key areas where data and AI can drive value, and defines measuring of the business impact

Data Architecture and Engineering

A scalable, flexible, and secure data architecture design that can support the organization's current and future AI needs

Data Quality

Testing accuracy, and consistency of the data used for the AI models. It ensures that the data is reliable and can be used for decision-making

Data Sourcing

Collecting, preparing, and managing data in a way that is suitable for AI modeling and analysis.

AI Model Selection and Deployment

Selecting the appropriate machine learning models and algorithms that are best suited for the business needs and data characteristics. Deploying models in a scalable and efficient manner that integrates with existing business processes and technologies

AI Model Monitoring

Monitoring AI models to ensure their continued accuracy and effectiveness, and performing maintenance and updates as necessary

Business Intelligence

Providing actionable insights and recommendations to help the business make informed decisions based on AI-generated data and insights

Data Governance

Ensuring the organization has a clear data governance framework in place that defines roles, responsibilities, and processes for data management, privacy, and security

Ethical AI and Bias Mitigation

Ensuring that AI models are developed and deployed in an ethical manner that minimizes the potential for bias and discrimination

AI Talent

Identifying the necessary talent and skill sets required to execute the AI strategy, and ensuring the organization is ready to embrace AI as a strategic asset

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