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Many companies are either experts in collecting data, or analyzing data. Sphere Partners are experts in both. And, every other critical step towards creating business intelligence from smart data engineering.

Our range of solutions start from data aggregation and architecture assessment to business intelligence (BI) and AI/machine learning-powered data science. With Sphere, you can paint a complete picture of your business’ collected data—and have the expert knowledge to act upon it.

Data Aggregation

In today’s data-driven business, data originates from many disparate sources, but big data integration can help. Sphere has worked with clients large and small to design, develop, and implement scalable Data Warehousing and ETL pipelines to support their unique business needs.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

We design and implement BI platforms such as Tableau, PowerBI and Qlik, along with a number of open source solutions to provide internal KPI measurement and external Dashboard integration into custom-built data analytics solutions.

Data Science powered by AI/ML

Get better insights into your organization and clients by leveraging Machine Learning to develop predictions, and Artificial Intelligence to activate business actions and drive success.

Data Engineering

Data is created all around us, every second of the day. Sphere’s experienced Data Engineers will design, manage and optimize the flow, working closely with Data Scientists who will breakdown the data using big data analytics tools to alleviate bias to formulate accurate statistical results.

Data Strategy and Roadmap

Your Data Strategy and Roadmap can make or break your entire Data Science practice.Let Sphere coordinate your People, Process and Technology to adopt a data-driven culture and become more analytically mature.

Data Architecture Assessment

Together with your team, we will start you on your journey to a modern enterprise data architecture,realize your goals, and a future state roadmap to create a plan to realize your vision.

Should you implement a single source of truth (SSOT) system?

Single source of truth is a concept used to ensure everyone in an organization bases decisions on the same set of data. This is important because without common trust in the data used to make business decisions, you’ll have low trust, low usage, difference of opinions on what is ‘real’ or not, and ultimately, lower ROI flowing to the business.

As a firm moves up the data maturity scale, they move from outcomes like data integrity, privacy and governance to improving their competitive position and profitability. It’s truly a journey rather than a destination, and the common data trust enables these fruits don’t happen immediately. Big data management and architecture are enablers to be sure, but getting past common hurdles often leave companies struggling to achieve a true SSOT. That’s where data analytics companies can be extremely helpful.

Sphere’s data practice knows well how to get past these issues. Check out our webinar replay for insights on how we help our clients solve the single source of truth problems most encountered.

Knowing Your Data

5 Steps to Data Readiness

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Machine Learning Services

At Sphere, we specialize in creating data solutions via the latest in machine learning and predictive analytics. We fundamentally understand your data within the context of your business, and provide data-derived predictions for your future business decisions.

How Does It Work?

We offer the following packages, matched based on your current data environment and specific needs for machine learning protocols.

ML Checkup

We evaluate your existing data environment and provide recommendations towards implementing machine-learning systems in your organization.

ML Discovery

1-on-1 consulting to boost your team’s knowledge of ML’s. We provide an actionable roadmap and step-by-step recommendations towards creating an ML-driven data system.

ML Audit and Analysis

We analyze and improve the performance of your current ML system and test your data architecture across multiple factors such as data collection accuracy, speed/latency and cost of acquisition.

ML Build, Operation and Transfer

We bring your ML vision from a proof of concept to general adoption across your entire organization. Full and comprehensive service to launch your machine learning-driven data strategy.