Build beautiful software and make sparks fly with high quality, full-stack custom software development teams

If you need to accelerate product development, Sphere’s software development model delivers a hybrid or on-site/remote development team structure. Our project managers work on-site with our clients to respond to their ever-changing needs, as they direct their remote teams by Skype, Slack, Hangouts, or Zoom.

Our unique methodology and approach is changing the way that companies innovate

Our focus is on helping our clients to discover, pilot and employ emerging technologies and business models as a means of solving core business challenges and creating revenue. From software platforms for web and mobile, advanced analytics, blockchain technology, drones that count inventory to artificial intelligence for customer retention (and everything in between), our unique methodology and approach is changing the way that companies innovate.

Do you need world-class development talent so you can innovate faster, invest smarter, or deliver greater impact? Sphere can help you accelerate your product development with leading-edge technology, advice, and talent. Whether you need to augment your teams or build an amazing remote product team, we’re ready to make the sparks fly.


Efficient hybrid on-site/remote development team structure

We help you find the best path to optimize your performance through technology.

In today’s volatile business environment, Sphere can act as your trusted advisor with consulting services that are rooted in over a decade of experience. We’ve worked with clients across all different industries, meaning we’ll bring personalized strategies to the table. Every action taken is calculated and sure to enhance your organization’s value. We’ll never force a strategy which we cannot deliver. If we can think it and devise a thorough plan, we can bring it to market. Sphere’s approach is long-term, and our roadmaps are designed to provide the infrastructure that scales as you grow.

Sphere clients realize the following strategic benefits:

Access to the collective expertise and scalable productivity of over 120 highly experienced developers


Developers tasked according to your needs — no costs of development downtime or risks developers with misaligned capabilities

Significantly reduced sprint times and staggered development schedules that can provide nearly 24-hour development support, if needed

Highest quality on-demand QA and QA automation

Significantly reduced development costs that are nearly 25% below the costs of in-house development teams


Ready to learn how Sphere can give you a competitive advantage?

Scale development teams

How do you deliver world-class software at scale? How do you find the talent you need to defend markets and transform your business? Sphere can help you acquire the deep technical expertise you need to scale with an incredibly effective talent acquisition engine, on-shore experts, and global delivery model.  

Faster software delivery

We embrace an agile methodology built on Scrum, two week sprints and continuous testing to ensure the highest quality of code. We can work with your team onsite or remote from any of our global software development centers.

Technology Agnostic

At Sphere, we’re technology-agnostic. We create custom software for any platform, including Ruby, PHP, .NET, iOS and Android.  Our software consulting services include user experience, service layer abstraction, database design, big data analytics, administrative interfaces, as well as custom CRM and ERP systems. We also specialize in cloud-deployed application architecture, SaaS solutions, and integration with mobile apps. We’re evangelists of scalable technologies and high load cloud infrastructures.

Accelerate product launches

If you need to accelerate product development, Sphere’s software development model delivers a hybrid or on-site/remote development team structure. Scalable productivity gets you to market faster – without worrying about technical staffing bottlenecks.

Agile and XP

We have optimized our process by using a combination of several tools and techniques. The agile methodology allows our team to be flexible and exceed our client’s expectations even when we encounter vague and rapidly changing requirements. Extreme Programming (XP) is our primary practice –  combining test-driven development, pair programming, short iterations, and continuous integration to radically improve software quality while reducing time to market and cost.

Typical Projects

Projects range from stand-alone development teams building new SaaS platforms to mobile and cloud-deployed applications, among others. Engagement models are flexible – from  individual developers providing hard-to-find technical skillsets to specialized product teams. See our case studies for more information.

Why Sphere?


We assess your unique situation, building a shared understanding of your goals and challenges. Using this knowledge, we collaborate with you to create customized solutions that will give you the edge against your competition.


Our team has over a decade of proven experience, from groundbreaking startups to Fortune 500 companies. We have the skills to jump in at any stage of your process, delivering the results you need, fast.


Our customer satisfaction and client referral rates are among the highest in the industry. Our work is not done when we complete your project — we are always on standby to provide additional support.

How do you want to engage? 

Are you ready to accelerate success, shatter technology constraints, remove technical/staffing bottlenecks, drive new revenue and mitigate the risk of growth? As your business grows, you’ll need a technology partner as flexible as you are. That’s where we come in. Sphere’s engagement models are simple and adaptable – everything we do is designed to accelerate your business and remove technical constraints and staffing bottlenecks.



Technical staff augmentation and product teams.


Access to senior expertise such as architecture and UI/X design.


Delegate delivery & iteration of a defined product or project.


Have an idea or bottleneck and want it addressed ASAP?


Specialized technical project leadership & advisory.


Need a go-to-market and development partner?

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