A note from Sphere Partners CEO Leon Ginsburg on the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Dear Friends,

The events unfolding in Ukraine are a tragedy of historic proportions. A tragedy that will have consequences for the entire world.

Sphere stands united against the war currently being waged on Ukraine by the Russian president and his regime. We condemn this unjust aggression in the strongest terms. It is a crime against humanity!

This time of anguish and unrest is personal for Sphere, as many of our team members are from Ukraine and are currently being forced to hide in shelters or flee their homeland. As an organization, we have been doing all we can to support Ukraine as a whole by funding humanitarian aid and to assist our team members in their time of need. Sphere will continue to assist with logistics and expenses for those of our team members who are looking for safe haven outside of Ukraine or in Western Ukraine.

This war is personal for me as well, as I was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Seeing the city of my childhood on fire and being destroyed is heartbreaking and hard to fathom. I think it is important to note that many Russian citizens are against this war, but feel helpless in the face of their country’s criminal government. Let us remind ourselves to show kindness to people, regardless of their background. In the words of MLK, let’s only judge people by the content of their character.

We pray for an end to this war and will continue to support and stand united with Ukraine!

Leon Ginsburg, CEO and Founder of Sphere Partners

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