Case Study – Connecting Ecommerce and Mobile via APIs

Growing your business by connecting Ecommerce and Mobile using APIs


A leading North American Cosmetics Company had an Ecommerce site but was missing a mobile app, which was critical for their business. They wanted to provide customers with a modern mobile experience without having to spend a lot amount of money because they already invested large sums into their online platform. So, they came to Sphere to help them quickly develop an easy-to-use, cost-effective app that delivered greater results than they had initially anticipated.

Solution and Key Benefits – We built an iPhone app that took advantage of native iPhone features such as push notifications, integrated with users’ social media accounts to provide the best mobile user experience possible for customers.

How’d we do it?

We built a collection of APIs to interface with their Ecommerce site which was powered by Magento. This was done so as not to have to replicate any data or functionality that already existed. APIs are beneficial because they allow for faster development, greater agility, and improved scalability. They help prepare you for future solution development. For the client, our goal was to extend the life of their original investment as much as possible so that in the event they decided to ever redo their entire site, as long as the APIs don’t change, the app wouldn’t have to either.


An additional 15-20% revenue was generated as a result of the new mobile app, a 40% increase in customer satisfaction, improved customer engagement, retention and brand loyalty.

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