Case Study – Ecommerce and Content Management Software


A global women’s apparel and accessories company had a dilemma. Every time content needed to be updated on the website, an IT ticket had to be entered and it took a long time to get new content published. It was a slow and inefficient process. The retailer was looking for a new solution that would streamline the process to get new content online quickly and easily with no hassle.


To address this issue, we built them a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and integrated it an ecommerce site for the company to realize the project’s value. This project also included an Ecommerce and Content Management Software operational and organizational change management effort as we needed to train marketing and sales on how to use the new tool.  We created templates for them and showed them how simple using a CMS could be with point, click, drag and drop functionality and no prior coding skills required. No more IT tickets, no more long wait times to get content updated online. We put the power in the hands of those that were responsible for maintaining the website, marketing.


In three months, we were able to develop a solution that saved the client $1.2 million a year in IT costs post-implementation, improved employee productivity, reduced manual errors on the website, and made it much faster to get content published. This made it much easier to compete, whether it be on price or inventory and in turn led to greater customer satisfaction and engagement.

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