Case Study – Ecommerce and Social Media


A Global Women’s Apparel and Accessories Company had a social media presence of 275,000 followers. They weren’t quite sure how to monetize this but knew they were missing an opportunity to do so. They wanted to create an instant, seamless shopping experience for customers through Instagram but needed help doing so.

Solution and Key Benefits

Sphere stepped in and noticed that almost all followers were tagging their purchases while posting their images. So, we embedded meta data to each social media image in order to link them to the ecommerce site. Customers could now easily and seamlessly transition from Instagram to the website’s product page to instantly purchase the item they were looking for and liked. No more having to scroll through tons of pages to find what a customer needs.

Secondly, at the bottom of the website’s product page, we added images of people wearing the same item the customer was looking at. What we found was that if they saw someone else wearing the product and it looked good on them, they were more likely to purchase it, and keep coming back for more.


In 30 days, we were able to modernize the shopping experience and generate an additional 10-15% incremental revenue leveraging existing technology with little new investment. The initiative also improved customer engagement and customer service satisfaction as a result of the integration. It drove more traffic to the website given that there was an improved user experience. After all, the key to conversion is you need to minimize the number of clicks. We were able to get it down to 1!

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