How Custom-Built Software Is Better Than Out-Of-The-Box

When designing or building your own software, sometimes opting for the cheaper commercial version seems best. However, in the long run, this can lead to many problems for your business in areas like maintenance, security, and adaptability. Today’s post is going to look over the reasons why custom-built software is the better option and the risks associated with out-of-the-box or commercial options.

What is custom-built software?

Put simply, custom-built software is the process of designing a bespoke software application that meets the specific needs and requirements of an individual company. Unlike out-of-the-box or commercial software, they have more freedom and flexibility over security, features, updates and implementation. 

So, why is custom-built software the best option for your business? Let’s have a look!

Tailored solutions 

With a custom-built software, you can ultimately reflect your signature management style. If your ultimate goal is to create software applications that help get the work done with the utmost speed and efficiency, you need to ensure you work with the best development company that can help you do this. 

Using standard software that is readily available on the market is a very limited choice, making this a poor investment for all businesses. Ready-made software may have some features that are useful to you, but it is highly unlikely that it will have all the functionalities you need to optimize your business. In a world where uniqueness and originality play a huge part in the success of your business, you should always carefully consider opting for a tailored solution.

A direct relationship is created between you and the development company, in which the developer can easily adapt to your requirements and make changes in the simplest way. It is a totally collaborative development that at the end of, will belong to you and only you. It will be totally bespoke and no other like it!

Greater scalability 

With custom-built software, you decide how big or small it is. You can also expand its features to adapt to and reflect any company growth or decline you may undergo. You have free rein to change and adapt your software how you like, and this isn’t dictated by a third-party provider. 

Businesses grow and decline all the time, and out-of-the-box software may not be able to handle the heavy load of new customers or users. With a custom-built software, you can evolve with it. 

Custom built software is built for specific businesses, not a wide range. Because the software isn’t generic, you can easily integrate it with your business needs, making it an extremely scalable option.


Sometimes, ready-made software can seem like the easier option. However, it’s important to remember that if you opt for that choice, you will never actually own the product you are using. In contrast, you’re simply paying fees to use someone else’s software. This means you will always be tied to their rules, regulations, features and more.

If you ever decide to stop using their software, they, unfortunately, keep everything and this ultimately leaves your business in a very vulnerable position. You’re dependent on a third party to update and improve your software. Spending that money on developing your own custom software means you end up with a product that is completely yours. If the product is something that your business will use regularly and continually, a custom-built software should always be the option. 

More reliable

One of the biggest differences between custom-built software and out-of-the-box software is that it is ultimately more reliable. There is no limit to how long your custom software solution will be maintained. However, with commercial, ready-made software, this is not always the case. 

If you don’t own 100% of your software, the company that does ultimately has the final say in areas such as updates, features, functionality, etc. This puts the company using the software at a huge disadvantage, as you could lose everything if the company that owns the software decides to close down. 

If a software development company created your bespoke software, you can contact them at any time and give them specific details on what you need to change or update. Custom-built software ultimately gives you the freedom you can’t get with other options. This will go on for as long as you want to use the software. You do not need to worry about being tied down with any licences.

Better long-term investment

Using a custom-built software can often have lower costs over time. Although ready-made solutions can seem the most affordable option at first glance, it’s important to remember that what the low-fee businesses initially see is often a recurring cost. You need to account for this ready-made software when thinking about your monthly or yearly overheads, which in the long run can actually end up being more expensive. 

If your business is looking for a long-term solution, you will get far greater value for money and a return on investment with a custom software solution.

Building anything from scratch will always appear more expensive, as it requires extensive work and resources from either yourself or a third-party developer. However, the quality of a custom-built software is always unmatched. You won’t have recurring costs meaning your business can run more smoothly and streamlined. They are designed to have the exact features you need, meaning updates and improvements are usually a rarity. 

Enhanced security 

Using a ready-made, commercial software immediately puts you at risk of cyber-attacks as security is always more vulnerable. More people know how standard systems work, so cyber criminals and hackers will find it easier to corrupt and steal valuable files from your database compared to your own bespoke system. Tailor-made software can be designed and equipped with enhanced security and privacy features, that allow you to keep your customers’ data safe from any data breaches. 

Data breaches can have a detrimental effect on your business, its reputation and PR. By opting for a bespoke software, you address any security concerns from day one, meaning you immediately have an advantage over competitors using ready-made software. It’s also important to remember that hackers usually see little or no point in attacking bespoke software when they can access software that is instead shared by multiple companies. 


As previously mentioned, with custom software, you are able to get dependable technical support from your developer. Your developer is the one who builds the software and is ultimately the most familiar with it. Therefore, they can handle any issues that you face along the way. 

You can perform maintenance and updates whenever you wish and are not restricted by third-party companies who own your software. You own it, so you have complete free reign over it. The efficiency of your system does not depend on a third-party vendor.


So, there you have it. Seven reasons why custom-built software is always the better and safest option. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, enhanced security and optimal features, we always suggest going for custom-built! 

Looking for a custom software solution? Luckily, we have a team of senior developers with extensive experience of building custom software solutions! Reach out to us today. 

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