Living Longer, Living Better: What Tech Leaders Can Learn from a Longevity Doctor’s Bestselling Book

Dr. Peter Attia’s 9 Tips for a Longer Life Align with Sphere’s Mission to Improve the Lives of All Humans

By Leon Ginsburg, Founder and CEO, Sphere Partners

What’s the point of a longer life without quality of life? In his New York Times-bestselling book “Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity,” Dr. Peter Attia offers invaluable insights into how we can maximize both our lifespan and our healthspan.

Dr. Attia, a renowned physician whose work focuses on the applied science of longevity, is on a quest to help us not only extend our years but also improve the quality of our lives. How does this align with tech leadership?

Like many of you, the team at Sphere Partners is on a mission to improve the lives of all humans we touch through our products, technology, strategy, and innovation. Our dedication to enhancing lifetime well-being feels even more relevant when one considers the longevity wisdom Dr. Attia shares in “Outlive.”

By incorporating these nine tips into our everyday lives, we can begin to live longer, live better, live healthier — and everyone around us, from employees to customers, will benefit from it.

9 Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life

1. Emphasize Prevention Over Treatment.
Modern medicine often focuses on treating health issues after they arise. However, Dr. Attia emphasizes prevention over treatments. Just as it is better to steer clear of icebergs rather than repair a broken ship, it is wiser to prevent health problems instead of addressing them once they manifest.

2. Make Exercise Your Drug.
Dr. Attia calls exercise the most potent longevity drug available. He recommends a comprehensive weekly exercise routine that includes weight training, Zone 2 training, and VO2 max training. Physical fitness not only aids in preventing diseases but also prepares us for the natural decline that accompanies aging.

3. Train for the Future.
By thinking intentionally and training actively, we can continue to enjoy fitness and health well into our later years. If you want to keep skiing when you’re well into your 80s, then you need to focus on maintaining your top physical condition in your 50s.

4. Choose a Diet — and Stick to It
Dr. Attia advises against falling for dietary fads and instead suggests two viable options: the challenging but effective Ketogenic diet or the more manageable Mediterranean diet. Increasing monounsaturated fats and decreasing carbohydrates is essential. So is avoiding the Standard American Diet of refined carbs, processed oils, and added sugars.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Sleep significantly impacts overall health and can even influence aging. Poor sleep has been linked to hormone and inflammatory levels characteristic of people much older. Dr. Attia recommends prioritizing quality sleep by restricting food three hours before bedtime, limiting or eliminating alcohol, and reducing stimulation like TV and phone at least an hour before bed.

6. Be Smart About Your Heart
When getting your annual bloodwork checked, Dr. Attia suggests having your ApoB and Lp(a) levels tested, which can matter more than cholesterol levels when it comes to warning of heart disease. Aim for an ApoB score between 20-30, akin to a baby’s levels. While diet and exercise are essential, some people may require statins to achieve these levels.

7. Prevent Major Diseases Through Metabolic Health
Metabolic dysfunction lies at the core of heart disease, cancer, and dementia. Avoid these through a combination of exercise, diet, and sleep to restore proper fuel processing in the body. Early and aggressive screening is critical for rapid detection and improved chances of successful treatment.

8. Treat Your Brain With Exercise and Rest
Neurodegenerative diseases pose significant challenges, with limited treatment options available. However, we can work to maintain a healthy brain through exercise and sleep. Regular exercise promotes glucose homeostasis and a healthy vasculature, while sleep supports the brain’s natural healing process.

9. Don’t Ignore Emotional Health
Emotional health plays a pivotal role in determining our longevity. Happiness and emotional well-being are as important as physical health. Don’t hesitate to seek help when needed, as properly addressing emotional issues can significantly boost our longevity.

The Right Choices Today Can Lead to More — and Better — Tomorrows

Dr. Attia has even more insights in his book, which I highly recommend reading, but the main takeaway is that prevention, exercise, quality sleep, a good diet, and emotional well-being can pave the way to longer, more enjoyable lives.

Remembering to make the right choices today in order to be healthier tomorrow isn’t always easy, especially for busy, on-the-move tech leaders. But just as we’re building products to help others live better lives, we must also remind ourselves to take care of our own bodies and minds, so that we can continue our work and our play for decades to come.

Want to talk more about longevity, tech leadership, or any of the services and solutions that Sphere provides? Contact us today, and we’ll be right in touch.

Acknowledgement: I want to thank Dr. Michael Ginsburg, MD, who recommended “Outlive” to me. I eagerly delved into its pages, and I am excited to share the key takeaways with my friends, colleagues, and network.

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