NetSuite Integration For Recruiting Platform

By streamlining workflows and Netsuite integrations to a cloud-based billing system, Hireology eliminated triple-entry errors at half the cost of using our Netsuite professional services.

The Company

Hireology offers a specialized recruitment CRM platform that empowers multi-location, decentralized enterprises, and independently owned businesses to build their best teams with confidence. The company equips HR and business leaders with the skills and technology needed to manage the full employee lifecycle – from hire to retire – in one seamless platform.  They have helped over 6500 companies attract and quickly integrate new employees into the rest of the organization.


Hireology runs its business operations centrally on NetSuite, with custom workflows and integrations with additional business systems.  In order to streamline operations, they engaged Sphere to resolve several unique but complex NetSuite workflow and data duplication issues, and unify an integration to an external cloud-based subscription billing system.  The errors and issues had caused them to lose confidence in their NetSuite reporting and data accuracy.

Their issues stemmed from:

  1. Revenue was not being recorded correctly within NetSuite, resulting in a tripling of their product count as NetSuite was not recognizing revenue based on Industry/Sales Channels.  
  2. Errors in an existing pre-built NetSuite plugin to a 3rd party billing system resulting in multiple-days worth of manual reconciliation of invoices, credit memos, and payments each month-end 
  3. After manually fixing entries from the pre-built NetSuite plugin errors, such plugin automatically re-synced, causing duplication and additional manual reconsolidation. 
  4. Due to the non-linear billing model and a limitation within a 3rd party system setup and NetSuite, their NetSuite was unable to post journal entries and recognize revenue linked to clients and projects, resulting in mismatched and unlinked revenue entries.
  5. The Account Payable aging report post entries on the transaction entry date and not on the intended invoice period, resulting in a discrepancy between Invoice Periods and Payments near month-end.


Sphere worked with Hireology to analyze its NetSuite configurations associated with the list of reported issues.  The initial two issues were identified and resolved by enabling and updating advanced payment processing and reporting configurations within NetSuite, something the initial configuration vendor did not complete.

To resolve two additional issues, Sphere worked with them to fully understand the business workflow, timing and expected results within NetSuite, to develop and validate custom scripts within NetSuite to align with the business logic and the synchronization of custom fields within NetSuite.

Lastly, Sphere worked with Hireology and the 3rd party provider to review the logs and errors within the 3rd party plug-in, and identify proper configurations within the 3rd party system to alleviate the synchronization errors that lead to missed and duplicate billing entries.


With these custom fixes researched, designed, and implemented within just a matter of weeks, Hireology  is no longer struggling to close out their quarters in a timely manner, and now have full confidence in the accuracy and business reporting out of their NetSuite system. In addition, by working with Sphere, the company saved more than 50% of the quoted professional service fees that would cost to work directly with NetSuite’s professional services unit.


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