What should you do when you outgrow QuickBooks?

What should you do when you outgrow QuickBooks?

Are you drowning in spreadsheets and ad hoc workflows? Do you have too many systems that don’t speak with each other?

Are you evaluating NetSuite? If so, contact Sphere, your full-service NetSuite integrator located in Chicago

Sphere works with distribution, manufacturing, service and software companies. In business since 2004, we have years of experience helping companies grow, streamline processes, and enhance productivity.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the next logical step for companies that outgrow QuickBooks. NetSuite is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that enables organizational growth. It is an extremely flexible platform that provides real-time business intelligence, lowers costs and reduces hassle for IT.

Think of NetSuite as one unified platform that spans financials, CRM, support, and everything in between.

Sphere’s team of NetSuite consultants and developers is made up of former CFOs, controllers, sales, manufacturing, services, and software development professionals that can bring real-world experience and best practices to your business.


NetSuite is 10 times larger than the nearest competitor, meaning 10 times the resources.

Industry-specific support for a broad range of industries means NetSuite works the way your business works.

Built from the ground up for the cloud, NetSuite lowers costs and reduces hassle for IT.

Count on NetSuite for one unified data model that spans back office financials to customer records to professional services provides complete visibility across a single, unified suite that runs in the cloud.

  • Every Business Size: Solutions for large, midsized and small, fast-growing businesses.
    Every Role: Solutions addressing the needs of the CEO, CFO, Controller and CIO.
  • Every Industry: Industry-specific functionality spanning a broad range of businesses.
  • Everyday: Current software replacing all other software, making business easy.

Unlike other NetSuite integration consultants, Sphere’s NetSuite Integration partners provide flexible and multiple engagement models for companies that are ready to outgrow QuickBooks.

Check if you’ve truly outgrown QuickBooks for your business with our checklist here. We have included a bonus whitepaper on how to reach beyond the limitations of QuickBooks!


How do you want to engage?

Are you ready to accelerate success, shatter technology constraints, remove technical/staffing bottlenecks, drive new revenue and mitigate the risk of growth? As your business grows, you’ll need a technology partner as flexible as you are. That’s where we come in. Sphere’s engagement models are simple and adaptable – everything we do is designed to accelerate your business and remove technical constraints and staffing bottlenecks.



Technical staff augmentation and product teams.


Access to senior expertise such as architecture and UI/X design.


Delegate delivery & iteration of a defined product or project.


Have an idea or bottleneck and want it addressed ASAP?


Specialized technical project leadership & advisory.


Need a go-to-market and development partner?

Let's build an amazing product together

Let's get started!


Sphere is an award-winning provider of team augmentation and custom technology solutions. Our teams bring together expertise, process, and technology that drives business value for start-ups and mid-market organizations. As an extension of your development or product teams, we’re ready to help you leverage all the opportunities that smart people and beautiful software can bring to your business.