Why ERP in the Cloud is an Opportunity in 2021

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, refers to a particular type of software that businesses can use to manage certain business activities like procurement, accounting, project management compliance, risk management, and even supply chain operations.

Not only does this software automate these processes (and more), but it also integrates them which helps business run far more smoothly as this means that there is a single source for all of this data.

Because this is such a key task, whatever ERP system is in use must satisfy a few requirements: it has to be available to people across the business, and the data it provides must be holistic and current.

ERP in the cloud is an ERP system that is run on a cloud platform that belongs to a certain vendor, rather than just a network on premises. This means that organizations have ease of access over the internet and that data is up-to-date and unified, satisfying the requirements for a good ERP system. With the massive increase in work being done with distributed global teams often working from home, the opportunity for companies still using legacy ERP systems, is that there’s no better time like the present to continue to move systems to the cloud. As well, it’s an opportunity to evaluate if your business is outgrowing your current system. A great way to tell is if you have a remote team that is struggling to collaborate or pull out data from a legacy system and it is slowing you down (we can help with that!).

In no particular order, here are some different cloud-based ERP providers and their various features.


This software is a cloud-based accounting platform for real estate. Available in three packages (simple start, standard, and enterprise), some of this software’s key features are:

  •       Automated checklists
  •       Transaction management
  •       E-signature
  •       Commission tracking
  •       Agent profile management
  •       Offer management
  •       API access
  •       White label rebranding
  •       Team management tool

The commission tracking feature means that users can make the process of commission calculation automated and disbursement forms can be generated. The team management tool can auto-calculate the commissions that teams earn, get team caps set up, and even produce reports.

This ERP in the cloud can integrate with Chime, Inside Real Estate, Commissions, Follow Up Boss, Propertybase, TRIBUS, RESO, Salesforce, Contactually, MLS, RETS, Xero, Waveapp, Quickbooks desktop, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


NetSuite is a suite of business management software that is packaged as a service performing ERP in the cloud and customer relationship management, or CRM tasks. It was designed as a horizontal package to cater to a wide variety of industries, and can therefore integrate with business’ sales, service processes, and back-office systems.

Some of its key available applications are:

  •       Financial reporting
  •       Financial accounting
  •       Financial analytics
  •       Order management
  •       Billing management
  •       Payment management
  •       Supply chain management
  •       Inventory management

NetSuite allows access to financial information via mobile devices and web browsers while upgrading automatically and having various customization options available.

Being cloud-based, it can run on a variety of internet browsers, supports the export of data into CSV or IIF files, and ensures data security by NetSuite’s own data center and the suite’s own security controls.

cloud solutions

E2 Shop System

Designed specifically for contract, job shops, and a range of manufacturers that make-to-order, this manufacturing solution by Shoptech Corporation offers these services and more:

  •       Scheduling
  •       Shipping
  •       Customer management
  •       Accounting
  •       “quickie quotes” and also more elaborate cost estimates for labor
  •       Ability to turn quotes into orders automatically
  •       Automatically generated shipping labels, packing slips, and online shipment tracking
  •       Finding the best prices for sourcing
  •       Business financials pooling
  •       Comprehensive analysis
  •       Both an executive overview and a shop floor analysis are available

The E2 Shop System can actually be on-premise or an ERP in the cloud, so business interested in this software can utilize both versions of it.


This software was designed in order to help small and medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, as well as mid-market organizations. This company mainly focuses on retail/eCommerce, manufacturing, distribution, and technology development firms.

Their deployment models include partner-hosting, multi-tenant SaaS, on-premise, and hosted by Acumatica themselves. What’s more is deployment choice can be changed at any time.

Some of their services include:

  •       Job costing
  •       Order changes
  •       Dashboards
  •       Project management
  •       Project accounting
  •       Service management
  •       Order management
  •       Inventory management
  •       Financial management
  •       Customer relationship management
  •       Field and office workflows
  •       Automation of repeatable tasks

Automatica integrates with Power BI, smartsheet, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and more.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Established in 1977, Oracle is a giant and this is reflected in their ERP in the cloud software.

The system is popular, widespread, adaptable, and scalable. It also caters to pretty much any business’ industry, size, and geography.

They have a suite that is made up of integrated applications that automates routine finance tasks, risk management, project management, and procurement, to name a few.

Oracle invests in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to keep their systems clever and slick as well as to help them make clever suggestions.

 Some of the services it offers include:

  •       Material planning
  •       Financial accounting
  •       Business intelligence
  •       Analytics
  •       Self-service reporting
  •       Trend identification
  •       Statement reconciling
  •       Invoice and payment tracking
  •       Bank account management

Oracle’s ERP in the Cloud can be integrated with users’ current solutions and business processes can be united into a single view.

Some less tech-savvy users don’t find this software very friendly to use however, and there is no mobile app available.


This cloud ERP caters to the manufacturing, retail, service, and wholesale distribution industries. It’s small business friendly and actually uses a hybrid-cloud approach.

BizAutomation’s services include:

  •       Customer relationship management
  •       Project accounting
  •       eCommerce
  •       Order management
  •       Financials
  •       Distribution
  •       Mass ordering
  •       Demand forecasting
  •       Price management
  •       Demand planning
  •       Multi-currency support

Priced at $79.95 per month, this is one of the more affordable cloud ERPs. While they have a strong customer service and support feature, they do not have a mobile app available or a community forum.


A well-known ERP system that works on the Sap HANA in-memory database, this is another platform that uses AI and machine learning, but also makes use of embedded analytics and robotic process automation (RPA).

It’s geared towards large organizations, although it works well for enterprises of all sizes

SAP S/4 HANA has a software developer kit which means that users can create their own custom extensions, applications, and vertical solutions. The SAP Fiori user experience (UX) gives users applications that are easy to use and can be accessed from pretty much any device, as well as allowing developers to create their own apps with the framework that Fiori provides.

Some of the services it provides are:

  •       Asset management
  •       Financial management
  •       Supply chain management
  •       Production planning
  •       Contract management
  •       Procurement
  •       Sales management
  •       Manufacturing management

This is a pricey piece of software, but its financial capabilities can’t be downplayed. Besides this, implementation cycles take a long time, and not every module supports embedded analytics which means that separate data warehouses are required.


Available in three subscription pricings (basic, standard, and premium), this ERP in the cloud caters to SMBs. Some of the industries best suited to using this software are education, retail, automobile, and information technology.

Some of the services that this software offers are:

  •       Sales management
  •       Inventory management
  •       Accounting
  •       Finance
  •       Purchasing
  •       Manufacturing management
  •       Reporting
  •       Analytics
  •       Managing selling, ordering, receiving, and delivery
  •       Payroll
  •       Service management
  •       Shipping management
  •       User-access management
  •       Point of sale and barcode scanning

ERPAG can integrate with Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Mail, Microsoft, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, QuickBooks, Stripe, Square, and more. It also supports over 40 shippers across the globe, like USPS and FedEx.


JobBOSS Shop Management Solutions is a company by ECi Software Solutions, and is an ERP solution that is geared towards SMBs in North America.

It’s great for make-to-order, custom, engineer-to-order, and mixed mode shops because there’s a large focus on productivity, costing, and scheduling.

It can be purchased as a subscription and deployed either as an on-premise solution or be cloud-based. Some of the services it offers are:

  •       Quoting
  •       Advanced scheduling
  •       Material and inventory control
  •       Payroll
  •       Order processing
  •       Data collection
  •       Accounting
  •       Quality (ASI and ISO)
  •       Mobility
  •       Quote and order processing
  •       Shop floor control
  •       Shipping
  •       Cost analysis


This software is most helpful for SMB manufacturers of all modes (as well as mixed mode) and can most benefit businesses that specialize in, among others, electronics, industrial machinery, metal processing, and plastics.

The focus with Statii is on improving communication between team members and making it more effective. Some of the services that Statii provides includes:

  •       MRP
  •       Supplier management
  •       Manufacturing execution
  •       Business intelligence
  •       Measuring and analyzing KPI
  •       Quotation
  •       Sales order management
  •       Works orders (production planning)
  •       Purchase order management
  •       Shop floor data collection
  •       Inventory
  •       Scheduling and diary
  •       Personnel
  •       Invoicing

Some customers complain about small issues like a lack of an undo button in a certain part of the software and that the scheduling section isn’t “quite there yet”, but Statii is continuously improving and revamping their software to ensure that it is the best that it can be.

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