The Challenge

The team at AR Proactive wanted to achieve the following:

  • Decrease the time to deploy new features by 50% within the first year
  • Reduce the time from ticket creation to completion
  • Shorten the time to onboard customers, configure their workflows
  • Speed up business value delivery
  • Solve customer’s problems with simple-to-use features and tweaks
  • Align the dev team and product team
  • Build a scalable, high-performance structure

How It Was Solved

The Sphere Partners team reduced the time to deploy new features, build a new management process, hire new team members, subscribe to new/latest tools on the market and develop the CI/CD into the infrastructure by 80%. We updated prioritization processes working closely with their customers and in this way, delivered more value to them in a short period of time. Onboarding new customers that were interested in those new features was faster. We used best practices of project management to review and establish a new communication strategy between developers and leaders to keep teams on track. 

For the CI/CD implementation and to clean up the database to speed up the loading process of the web-based tool, our team went above & beyond to ensure everything worked smoothly and no bugs were identified.  

The Results

We brought new developers as an extension to the AR Proactive team, introduced new tools and processes. As a result, our client gained 4 new customers to onboard, increasing their revenue more than 10%. Our client is happy with the quality of our work and overall performance and is still working with us on other projects due to the success of this one.