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Innovation & Engineering

From concept to launch, our experts know how to deliver a project right on time. By working with us, you will be in the hands of a successful team with experience in building and bringing solutions to complex problems at large for high profile reputable companies, so you can trust in our expertise to

January 14, 2021

Delivery Solutions

Get Your Own Home-Delivery Platform Our accelerated framework helps all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs launch and optimize their home-delivery operations to save time and reduce costs. START DELIVERING Add a new revenue source to your business, or start a new home-delivery service. Our pre-built delivery solution

September 8, 2020


Get an MVP in 5 Days Time is of the essence. You have an idea you want to validate. You don’t have the 18 weeks it takes to develop a minimum viable product and get feedback and/or raise money How does it work?

August 27, 2020

Ecommerce platforms

Ecommerce Case Studies Custom-built Ecommerce Solutions When existing ecommerce solutions no longerdon’ fits your business model, you’ve outgrown your current platform, you’re paying too much on prepackaged platform transaction fees or you want your own fully custom solution to maintain your competitive advantage, Sphere is

August 27, 2020

Data & Analytics

Services Our Competitive Advantage Sphere helps organizations get models into production fast. With consulting services across the full process lifecycle, our experienced Data Scientists will design, build, and deploy your models, and train your

August 27, 2020