The Challenge

Proclivity Media wanted to build a prototype of its advertising technology analytics platform. With an algorithm in mind, they needed a team with the analytics experience necessary to build a scalable front and back-end system that would allow them to establish proof of concept with a custom analytics prototype.

How We Solved It

Sphere helped Proclivity establish proof of concept by designing and creating a complex solution architecture built around their proprietary technology. This required custom advanced data analytics software and database architecture that could handle the unique processing requirements.

The Results

Initially focused on creating a fully automated, transparent, and data-secure trading marketplace for the healthcare professional (HCP) market, LayerRx now has over 130 brands that are able to reach verified HCPs with unprecedented reach and scale across 550+ endemic digital supplier properties, 10,000+ non-endemic supplier properties and a vast array of digital channels including mobile/desktop browser, email, mobile app, video, and search. This expansive marketplace also enables multiple data providers (TRx, NRx, claims, etc.) to securely license their data in real-time to facilitate advanced targeting of HCPs and their associated patients (DTC) in a fully HIPAA-compliant manner.