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Emmi Solutions sought a partner to revamp their product strategy and technology for business growth.


Services Utilized

Custom Software Development



Collaboration accelerated platform development, expanded products, and drove revenue growth, culminating in a successful acquisition.

I would like to thank Sphere’s team who’ve helped make project a reality – the timeline was tight and the expectations high. 

Dave Perah, CTO 

The Challenge

Sphere’s Technology Transformation Drives Emmi Solutions’ Success and Acquisition

Emmi Solutions was in the process of changing their product strategy. They were seeking a partner who could not only help design and build the necessary technology to achieve their new business goals but also create technology solutions to enhance their entire range of products.

This is where Sphere Partners came in. They faced the challenge of developing and implementing a comprehensive technology strategy for Emmi Solutions. Their goal was to transform and expand the patient education and engagement platform while working within tight timelines and meeting high expectations.

The end result was not only an improved platform with enhanced functionality and scalability but also increased revenue through strategic partnerships. This success eventually led to the acquisition of Emmi Solutions.

The Solution

Sphere Enhances Emmi’s Healthcare Platform for Better Outcomes

Emmi provides customizable patient education and engagement platforms with a goal to improve healthcare outcomes. To support this mission from the tech point of view, Sphere has started by improving existing and developing new functionalities across Emmi’s online and mobile products.As well migrating the old platform to a modern tech stack to enable scalability and faster software development. 

The solution included a complete rebuild of the patient-facing application, from the ground up, making it agile and user-friendly and compliant with best practices for consumer driven experience. Sphere enriched the functionality of the web platform and backend API and developed mobile applications for iOS and Android.

To facilitate geographical scalability, Sphere implemented multi-language support for the web platforms and mobile applications.

Outcomes and Results

Sphere’s Tech Boost Leads to Success for Client’s Healthcare Platform

Sphere and the client worked together to make the platform better. Here’s what they achieved:

  1. Faster Platform Development: They used smart technology practices to speed up how quickly they could build and improve the platform. This saved time and made it easier to add new features.
  2. More Features: They not only made the existing platform better but also created new things like mobile apps, a tool to measure patient satisfaction, and a special phone system for heart patients.
  3. More Money: By creating new products and teaming up with different kinds of clients like health plans and pharmaceutical companies, they made more money.
  4. Successful Purchase: Thanks to all these improvements, another company decided to buy the client’s business, which was a big success.

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